Kathryn Starke – Founder of Creative Minds Publications

I understand that big ideas take a long time to really happen, so I remain both patient and diligent in seeing an idea into fruition. Kathryn Starke is an urban elementary school reading specialist, literacy consultant, keynote speaker, and author. A native of Richmond Virginia, Kathryn graduated from Longwood University with a BS degree in […]

Mac Gambill – Co-founder and CEO of Nudge

[quote style=”boxed”]Being able to convey your ideas to others is crucial and one of the areas where new founders typically struggle. I generally piece together my ideas in simple concept decks with Keynote, which allows me to incorporate basic design elements and map various ideas I may have in regards to product or marketing initiatives.[/quote] […]

Leslie Bowman – Author and Online Professor at ProfBowman.com

[quote style=”boxed”]I’m not good at marketing but I do keep up with social and professional networks online. I make a habit of sending out updates and reminders about my business, which is growing slowly by referral. [/quote] Leslie Bowman is a career educator with experience in public school and college teaching, instructional design, academic coaching, faculty […]

Larry Istrail – Founder of Ancestral Weight Loss Registry

[quote style=”boxed”]Just sit down and start. It sounds stupid but I think it is the most important part. Lacking all the necessary skills is totally secondary. With the Internet and all the incredible tools available, any skill is learnable and all knowledge is discoverable with enough dedication.[/quote] Larry Istrail is a medical student with an entrepreneurial spirit […]

Thomas Eide – Founder of PaidThx

[quote style=”boxed”]I wouldn’t do anything different. However, if we were to start again, I’d bet everything would be different. I love every minute of the adventure. [/quote] Mr. Eide graduated from Virginia Tech with his Bachelor of Science in Physics. Mr. Eide worked as an engineer out of college before founding, growing and selling two high […]

David Saunders – President and Chief Idea Officer of Madison+Main

[quote style=”boxed”]This sounds silly coming from a new media guy, but I constantly recommend that young professionals read a newspaper. [/quote] Dave Saunders is President and Chief Idea Officer of Madison+Main, an integrated communications agency that provides creative marketing solutions for emerging companies. Based in Richmond, Virginia, Dave is a nationally recognized expert in branding & […]

Geoff Weathersby – Co-Founder of inLieu

[quote style=”boxed”]With passion and determination. I learned pretty early on that my greatest advantage is being willing to slug it out in any circumstance.[/quote] Geoff Weathersby is a recent graduate of the University of Richmond, where he was a Business Administration major in the Robins School of Business. He would like to credit The Berenstain […]