Asier Galdos – CEO and Co-founder of Greenius

[quote style=”boxed”]I walk the talk. Ideas have almost no value (everyone has good ideas!) so I try to build simple (but not simpler) solutions interactively, releasing early and often, and attacking only one problem at a time. This approach has some costs (perfection is not gained immediately) but it’s the only way I know to […]

Jochen Doppelhammer – Founder and CEO of yuilop

[quote style=”boxed”]I would test longer in a very small market, get the product right, then go for the big guy. Don’t be afraid of the US, just go for it.[/quote] Jochen Doppelhammer, serial entrepreneur and telco expert based in Spain, is founder & CEO of yuilop, the cloud-based global communications service that allows users to […]

Angelica de Millet – Creator of United Indecent Pleasures

[quote style=”boxed”]Don’t give up. If you know what you’re doing, continue and don’t listen to the negative comments that people tell you.[/quote] Angelica de Millet is the creator of United Indecent Pleasures, a brand that incites the celebration of life through sophisticated, ironic and perverse products, created for pleasure. Born in Barcelona in the 70’s, […]

Laura Martínez del Pozo – Founder of peSeta

[quote style=”boxed”]There is a spanish say:  “Patience is the mother of science”. It is totally  true, if you perseverate, you look for solutions and keep the good mood, you make it. [/quote] Laura Martínez del Pozo  is the Founder of peSeta. At the beginning peSeta was gifts for friends and bags for herself. Now it is […]

Arne Tollefors – Founder of Tollefors Consulting

Arne’s passion is to develop individuals, leaders, businesses and organizations. He has been doing that since 1981-1990, when he was studying with the renowned American professor Peter Koestenbaum. Arne’s company, Tollefors Consulting, is based in Las Palmas, Canary Islands (Spain) where he also lives with his family. During the years in Sweden – which is […]