Kabir Daswani – Founder and CEO of Grabb Mobile

Kabir Daswani - Founder and CEO of Grabb Mobile

Read. Learning shouldn’t stop when you graduate. Kabir Daswani is the founder and CEO of Grabb Mobile Inc. Loving all things tech and all things business, Kabir decided to launch Grabb, an app allowing people to save time by pre-ordering and pre-paying for meals. He incorporated the company from his university library, and has now […]

Nabeel Mushtaq – CoFounder of AskforTask.com

Nabeel Mushtaq - COO & CoFounder of AskforTask.com

One habit that increases productivity is a constant exchange of information within the team. Consistent updates keep everyone on task and keeps their eye on their daily goals. Nabeel Mushtaq is passionate about creating products and services that makes the world more sustainable. HIs forte is building top-notch technology and product teams from the ground […]

Christine Malec – Author of Beltane

[quote style=”boxed”]Persistence: I used to try things, and if they didn’t work right away, I’d give up, telling myself that at least I’d tried. When I watched people who are good at getting what they want, I saw that often it was a matter of trying the same thing either from a different angle, or […]

Sean Kim – Co-Founder of Needle

[quote style=”boxed”]Treat your users like family. Build a trusted and loyal community of your early users, because those users will be the ones providing feedback to your early product, and the ones that will be spreading the word to others about your business. If they reach out to you through social media, get back to […]