Pierre-André Ben Lassin – Creator of Fabulous Noble

Pierre Andre Ben Lassin

I make a habit of acting on the assumption that everything is possible. There are people who have walked on the moon, so there’s always a solution to make an idea see life. Passionate about architecture, design and graphic arts from a young age, Pierre-André Ben Lassin originated the concept of Fabulous Noble. The young London-based […]

Ajay Patel – Co-founder and CEO of HighQ

[quote style=”boxed”]Manage downward, never upward. Of course, the success of a company is dependent upon the performance of the entire team, but people by nature still want to be praised and recognized for individual achievements.[/quote] Ajay Patel is the co-founder and CEO of HighQ, an enterprise cloud collaboration company that has been recognized in the Deloitte […]

Bruce Hellman – CEO and Co-Founder of uMotif

[quote style=”boxed”]You do it by doing it – so the key first step is to write the idea down or sketch it out. It instantly becomes more real.[/quote] Bruce co-founded uMotif in 2012. uMotif’s software platform tackles increasingly unaffordable health systems by engaging patients in self-management of their Long Term Conditions (including Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Renal, […]

Courtney Boyd Myers – Founder of audience.io

[quote style=”boxed”]I would spend more time finding mentors at an earlier age. By the time I realized I really needed mentors, I was already being asked to mentor others.[/quote] Courtney Boyd Myers began her career in journalism writing for a wide variety of publications including Forbes Magazine, PC Mag, PSFK, IEEE Spectrum and The Huffington […]

Alexei Levene – Co-founder of Innovation eXperience

Alexei Levene hails from London, UK and is a graduate in Philosophy and Law. With an early career in business development and sales roles in the supply chain technology, Alexei later set up an innovation strategy business based in Paris working with clients such as Shell and Philips. Later Alexei co-founded an award winning crowdfunding platform […]

Ben Byford – CEO of Eulergy

[quote style=”boxed”]Knowing when someone else could do it better and they can deliver. It’s too easy to try and do everything yourself, but you’ve also got to make sure the job gets done. I’m still learning this.[/quote] Ben Byford is an entrepreneur, a tech writer, web designer and consultant. After his Masters in Creative and […]

Antonio Ferreira – Founder of CARNORAMA

[quote style=”boxed”] 1.Collect 2.Organize 3.Process 4.Review 5.Act [/quote] Born in Portugal, but partially raised in Surrey and London. Antonio Ferreira is a self-proclaimed automotive, trend and football enthusiast. He is a globally recognized automotive industry expert with almost two decades of experience, regularly sought out for his fresh perspective and brutally-honest style of automotive consulting. His recent focus […]

Christopher Pruijsen – Co-founder and CEO of Sterio.me

[quote style=”boxed”]To keep productivity I divide my tasks into large and small items. The larger items are often postponed until weekends or when I have a few hours to spare.[/quote] Christopher Pruijsen was the youngest-ever President of Oxford Entrepreneurs when he attended the University of Oxford, where he matriculated at age 17. Recently Chris was […]