Pierre-André Ben Lassin – Creator of Fabulous Noble

Pierre Andre Ben Lassin

I make a habit of acting on the assumption that everything is possible. There are people who have walked on the moon, so there’s always a solution to make an idea see life. Passionate about architecture, design and graphic arts from a young age, Pierre-André Ben Lassin originated the concept of Fabulous Noble. The young London-based […]

Ajay Patel – Co-founder and CEO of HighQ

[quote style=”boxed”]Manage downward, never upward. Of course, the success of a company is dependent upon the performance of the entire team, but people by nature still want to be praised and recognized for individual achievements.[/quote] Ajay Patel is the co-founder and CEO of HighQ, an enterprise cloud collaboration company that has been recognized in the Deloitte […]

Bruce Hellman – CEO and Co-Founder of uMotif

[quote style=”boxed”]You do it by doing it – so the key first step is to write the idea down or sketch it out. It instantly becomes more real.[/quote] Bruce co-founded uMotif in 2012. uMotif’s software platform tackles increasingly unaffordable health systems by engaging patients in self-management of their Long Term Conditions (including Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Renal, […]