Dallas Dance

Dallas Dance

Surround yourself with the kind of people who will push you to be better and to grow.   Dallas Dance was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He has always been an advocate of public schools and had an interest in education. He attended Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia…

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Jean Souliere

Dallas Dance

Breathe, don’t let things become bigger than they are.   Jean Souliere, Chief Executive Officer of BusPatrol and Entrepreneur is on a mission to bring safety to our communities and awareness to all residents across the country. After many years of working in the high-tech industry for companies such as…

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Ximena Hartsock

Dallas Dance

Talk to your customers. They are your first and last investors.   Ximena Hartsock is the Founder of Phone2Action, leading software for public affairs and grassroots advocacy. Prior to founding Phone2Action she was a member of the executive cabinet of former Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, serving as Assistant Superintendent…

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Tim Coffield

Dallas Dance

Always be open to reconsidering what you think you know.   Tim Coffield, Attorney, is a licensed law professional based in Charlottesville, Virginia. After an extensive education and dedicated work, Tim founded his legal practice, Coffield PLC, in 2012. Prior to his start as an attorney, Tim obtained his B.A…

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Pierre Dickson

Dallas Dance

Pursue your dreams and passion, no matter who discourages you.   Pierre is a Cyber Security Professional, and retired police detective, who has worked in a variety of roles providing support to various government agencies within the Washington Metropolitan area, and his primary focus has been Information Systems Security. Some…

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