Workspace Of The Week – Kent Lewis and Anvil Media

Doing all this traveling across the country, I have become fascinated with people’s workspaces. It’s really interesting to see all these different places and learn more about where and how people bring their ideas to life. So I shot an email out to some friends, and voila, we’ve got our first workspace of the week. Kent Lewis, the President and Founder of Anvil Media, a search engine marketing firm out of Portland, Oregon went all out and send me all kinds of information about their newly built offices. Moving forward, I’d prefer that folks send me pictures and descriptions of their desks/immediate workspaces only. But this space is so cool, I had to say yes.

Take it away Kent.

[quote style=”boxed”]During the planning and design stages of building out our offices, I pulled from years of working at a variety of agencies as well as knowledge gained from growing up with an architect as a father. I wanted the space to be bright and open (since we live in cloudy Portland) as well as utilize a variety of collaborative flex-use spaces. We ended up with a large conference room, two smaller conference rooms, a living room, lunch area and two small “collaboration & relaxation” spaces. When the creativity isn’t flowing while at your desk, you can head up the ship ladder to the Eames lounge chair or have a conversation with a coworker in another kickout area. The conference rooms have white boards, which are ideal for brainstorming as well. We also keep a variety of books and toys for inspiration but mostly finding ourselves changing our environment to foster creativity. The open “bullpen” format for the account team also means people regularly engage in conversation to clarify or collaborate on ideas. Overall, I’ve been very pleased how the space turned out and both the team and clients seem to enjoy the layout.[/quote]

That’s an awesome office, definitely one I’ll have to check out the next time in Portland. And since I had also asked for a picture of Kent’s work space, here you go.  It’s a vintage WWII desk, covered with some not so vintage technology and lots of picture frames.

Thank you for sharing Kent. And if you’re in need of some search engine marketing services, be sure to check out Anvil Media.

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