How to do PR for your startup in 5 hours per week with no budget

Here is another interview that we did a little while ago. It’s with Zach Cutler, the Founder of The  Cutler Group- a PR agency that focuses on exclusively on getting tech startups mainstream media coverage. Before I dive into some of the lessons learned here, let me tell you that there was one thing that stood out like a sore thumb with Zach. An awesome sore thumb in this case. Zach started this business because he couldn’t find a job. It was finding a job, or moving in back home with is parents. I love that.

You’ll love some of the lessons in here, because all of them you can do without hiring a PR firm. Zach is really generous with this advice.

Oh, and I used the word “shoestrapping” rather than “bootstrapping” in this interview which is ridiculous.

Here is what you’ll learn.

  • Zach Cutler will teach us what you should be doing from a PR perspective if you have only five hours a week and no budget
  • Why and how to limit and determine the number of writers  you target
  • How to go about pitching a journalist, and why you don’t need to introduce yourself
  • How to use a press release in conjunction with your pitch
  • The two kinds of press releases and when to use which
  • How long you should wait before following up
  • Why you need to figure out a publication’s weak spot, and how you can benefit from it.