Mina Chang – CEO and President of Linking the World

[quote style=”boxed”]Come from a place of abundance, and look for ways to give to others.[/quote] Mina Chang is CEO and president of Linking the World, an international humanitarian aid organization with a focus on children, global awareness, and breaking the cycle of poverty around the world. As the eldest child of two Salvation Army commanding […]

Lindsey Madison – Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at HipLogiq

[quote style=”boxed”]Be open to change, knowledgeable about the direction the market is moving, and focused on the goal you are working to accomplish for your company and your clients.[/quote] Lindsey Madison is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at HipLogiq, a marketing technology company that focuses on changing how businesses and brands interact with customers. […]

Chanze Witcher – Author and Expert Ghostwriter

[quote style=”boxed”]A typical day for me involves always writing and reading. Those are my two loves in life. The more I read, the more I write. The more I write, the more I read. [/quote] Chanze Witcher is both an author and an expert ghostwriter. She has been featured on CBN with Realizing You Dream with […]

Katie Saxton – President of Custom Nail Solutions

[quote style=”boxed”]Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.[/quote] Katie Saxton is the President of CustomNailSolutions.com, a renowned blogger, and regular contributor to TV, radio, print and online media on topics of nail beauty, nail care and trends. Custom Nail Solutions’s revolutionary and one-of-a-kind artificial nail […]

Dave Chaplin – CEO of SearchDex

[quote style=”boxed”]My typical day starts at the office at 8 a.m., and I’m usually home at about 8:30 p.m. My day is driven by two main questions: How do we grow the business, and what is the status of our existing client work?[/quote] David Chaplin is the CEO of SearchDex™, a boutique SEO firm specializing […]

Adam Root – Co-founder of HipLogiq

[quote style=”boxed”]Our current CEO, a good friend of mine, advised me, “Do not love the business, because the business won’t love you back. Instead, love the people you build the business with.” [/quote] Adam is currently the CTO and co-founder of HipLogiq, the developers of social media marketing tools SocialCompass and SocialCentiv. Adam has managed teams […]

Andrea Bouchaud – Author of Twenty in Paris

[quote style=”boxed”] If I can’t envision what goals I want to achieve I will never know how to go about making them a reality.[/quote] Andrea Bouchaud is an e-book author, writer and blogger on the experience of studying abroad and immersion into the French language and culture as an American student. Ever since her first day […]

Grant Kauffman – Author of Project 14: The Legend of Beelzebub’s Bluff

[quote style=”boxed”]Believe. Believe in yourself, in your vision, in your people, in your future, in everything.[/quote] Grant Kauffman had quite a productive 2013, releasing two books. The first was a novel called Project 14: The Legend of Beelzebub’s Bluff, a young adult adventure story about five kids who get trapped in a cave system far […]

Mike Deck – CEO of EchoVantage

[quote style=”boxed”]Look for ways you can provide value to everyone.[/quote] Mike Deck is the CEO of EchoVantage, a company that delivers a new approach to marketing analytics. Mike has several years of experience in software development and lifecycle management, working as a lead consultant for Fortune 500 companies in both technical and business analysis roles. […]

Suni Taylor – Founder of IAODWE

[quote style=”boxed”]Consistency, especially in your communications with your clients and potential clients. This has a lot to do with developing a newsletter and scheduling it to go out on a consistent basis. Nowadays it takes a lot to move a prospective client to a paying client and consistency helps in this.[/quote] In the course of […]

Richard Myers – Founder and CEO of Realty Capital

[quote style=”boxed”]”Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, but if you’re built to be one, nothing else will really work for you.”[/quote] Richard Myers founded Realty Capital in 1987 to acquire, develop, and manage investment-grade commercial and residential real estate projects. In 2011, Realty Capital became an employee-owned firm, Realty Capital Management (RCM), which […]

David Redish – Co-founder of Slice Media

[quote style=”boxed”]Eliminate intolerance. People who aren’t taught that there are people who see the world and think differently than they do are the worst type of people.[/quote] David Redish is the co-founder of Slice Media, an award-winning BBB accredited creative studio located in Dallas, that conceptualizes and produces fresh content for T.V., the web, and […]