8 design trends that are changing visual communications


This week at HOW Design Live, Andrew Delaney, Creative Director, iStock by Getty Images spoke to the 8 design trends that are changing visual communications. Trends that have largely been driven by a crowded marketplace and the ever increasing use of wearable technology.

This development has seen consumers build a more intimate connection with technology and visual storytelling.  These trends have really forced designers to look for stimulating and unusual angles or layers in digital imagery and to learn to connect with audiences in more authentic ways.

Visuals will have to work harder to engage our senses and imagination, audiences will seek subjects that represent an authentic representation of the world and are relatable, and visual storytelling will have to become more sophisticated.  Andrew’s presentation explored how businesses and designers can capitalize on these trends to ensure cut-through and resonance with audiences, explored how they have already been used effectively this year and how they are already evolving.

Through quality imagery at affordable prices iStock by Getty Images is available to boost brands that are increasingly up against flat advertising mediums, tiny screens and shortened attention spans. Extreme close-ups, HD, higher frame rates and close crops that reveal unexpected points of view not only pique visual curiosity – they also immerse the viewer in a scenario that engages all the senses.

View the 8 design trends that are changing visual communications.

(Images credited to iStock by Getty Images)