Sharon Vinderine

Sharon Vinderine is the founder of Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA), an awards platform that brands turn to in order to establish trust and credibility with consumers. With a network of over 200,000 members, PTPA leads the consumer product awards space and is proven to positively influence consumer purchasing decisions….

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Gamze Neill

Gamze Neill is the owner and operator of Light and Soft, a start-up children’s clothing and accessory company that specializes in soft sole shoes. After University, Gamze worked as a market researcher in her home city of Istanbul Turkey, where she learned many crucial skills involved in running a business,…

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Martina Iwala

Demonstrated in all aspects of her being, Martina’s charming and inquisitive demeanor, paired with an innate sense of self-awareness, authenticates her progressive experience from FinCorp to entertainment to media production to social advocate. Of Nigerian & Cameroonian descent, Martina grew accustomed to the realities of being the product of immigrant…

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Michelle Person

Michelle Person is a passionate educator with 20 years of experience in urban education. While searching for books for her youngest daughter she was disappointed by her inability to find diverse, multicultural characters that her daughter, as well as the students she serves, could identify with, she began writing as…

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Sophia Procter

Sophia Procter is the founder of Munchy Play, the first-ever kids’ plate with a built-in track. It helps solve mealtime struggles by inviting kids to the table and keeping them there, it is available now on Amazon. Prior to her foray into manufacturing, Sophia held a senior role at British…

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Vandana Semwal

Vandana Semwal was born in India and completed a Master’s in Accounting from Bombay University. She has held various roles in Finance and Accounting before coming to the United States in 1999. During her initial years in the states, she focused on caring for her children and their early education….

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Zach Robinson

Zach Robinson has more than doubled, every year, the number of youth served and the financial growth of Spark-Y since he became Executive Director in 2013. Committed to his staff and the youth population they serve, Robinson seeds principles of entrepreneurship and empowerment into his leadership approach. As a result,…

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Anjali Dighe

Anjali Dinghe Tech Entrepreneurs

Anjali Dighe brings strategic focus, vision and leadership skills gained from a successful career guiding the creation and implementation of business processes in order to generate sustained positive results. Leveraging experience in strategic business optimization, business development, finance, marketing, and human resources to a variety of entrepreneurial firms, Ms. Dighe’s…

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Christine Lawler

GET YOUR SLEEP! Sleep can solve so many physical and mental health issues and it’s so easy to do if we prioritize it and realize how important it is.   Christine Lawler is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, lover of sleep, and baby sleep consultant. She has been practicing…

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Krystal Hurst

Ask for help. Never assume you’re in this alone. Whether you turn to other professionals in your business, your family, or even your own team members, seek help to relieve your workload and mental load.   Krystal Hurst is the owner of Dallas’s top parenting resource in the Metroplex that…

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Craig Hammond

Exercise, journal, and have a to-do list with your main daily goals (not simple little tasks) and be relentless to achieve those.   Having started several successful companies, and departments within larger corporations, Craig is an experienced founder and operator in the consumer goods, e-comm, and technology industries. Most recently,…

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