Max Krupyshev

Set the direction and check every day that the company sticks to the chosen course.   Max Krupyshev is the CEO of, a crypto expert and opinion leader. Max has been involved with Bitcoin since 2013, just after receiving his MA in Business Administration. He became very enthusiastic about…

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Michael Ou

When you have a solid plan of a big idea, people and market will follow you.   Michael Ou is a FinTech entrepreneur who devotes his time in the development of blockchain security. Specializing in the innovative use of blockchain technology and smart cards, Michael was awarded and recognized over…

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David Wachsman

Read widely, and not just in your professional area.   CEO and Founder of Wachsman, David Wachsman is a world-renowned blockchain expert and thought leader. In 2015, David founded Wachsman to provide public relations support to the rapidly growing bitcoin ecosystem. Wachsman has since expanded to become a leading global…

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Sulaiman Al-Fahim

Success is a journey, not an end point. It won’t happen overnight, and persistence will end up being your most important quality. Stay tough, and you’ll be able to handle any obstacle that life and business throws at you.   Sulaiman Al-Fahim is an international business leader based in Dubai….

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Manuel Martin

Don’t be afraid of leaving your comfort zone and of possible failures, the road to success often requires difficult decisions and brave actions.   Manuel’s career has focused on supporting large scientific collaborations through technology innovation at the European Organization for Nuclear Research. He has led critical data management, big…

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Nate Flanders

Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to maintain work life balance, especially when you are just starting a project or company. Reminding yourself why you are doing this and taking a minute to appreciate those around you is something I recommend everyone does.   Co-Founder and CEO, Nate Flanders, has owned, operated,…

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Will McDonough

Create lists of opportunities and those in your network that are potential partners and supporters of those opportunities, to make sure you’re focusing your attention on the places with the highest probability of success.   Will McDonough is an investor and entrepreneur whose storied career ranges from sports and entertainment…

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Nydia Zhang

The world is full of competition and discrimination, and so many people think inwardly about “what’s in it for me” before considering helping others. It’s so important to support people with different projects and ideas without expecting anything in return.   Nydia Zhang is the Co-founder and Chairman of Social…

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