Matthew Manos

Matthew Manos

Called “crazy or genius” by Forbes, Matthew Manos is an author, educator, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder of verynice, a design strategy practice that gives half of its services away for free to nonprofit organizations. With clients including Apple, the American Heart Association, UNICEF, Disney, and Google, verynice’s work…

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Stacey Renfro

Matthew Manos

Stacey Renfro is currently the CEO of mDesign Home Décor, joining in August of 2020. Stacey Renfro is a seasoned retail executive with more than 25 years of progressive experience in E-commerce, marketing, planning and merchandising. She has led highly successful teams, implemented game-changing strategies, and managed complex growth initiatives….

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Betty Sullivan

Matthew Manos

Betty Sullivan is the CEO of Architectural Ceramics, a family, women-owned and operated national leader in the tile and stone space — serving the design industry, homeowners, builders, architects, and installers. Established in 1985, Architectural Ceramics currently has 5 residential showrooms in the Greater Washington D,C. and Baltimore area as…

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Russ Perry

Russ Perry

Russ Perry is the Founder and CEO of Design Pickle, the world’s most successful flat-rate graphic design service. Since its 2015 inception, Design Pickle has grown from 2 employees to over 500 globally, with thousands of clients and over 750,000 creative requests completed. Russ Perry is the author of The…

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Joel Miller

Matthew Manos

Joel is co-founder/owner of The Sky Floor, LLC, founded in 2009 with his identical twin brother. The Sky Floor has grown in revenue in each year of business, averaging 30% growth. Alan and Joel were born on Leap Day and recently turned nine years old. He is a co-founder of…

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Ashley Bodi

Ashley is the creator and founder of Southern Sunshine that creates custom furniture and decor for clients across the country. She has been an advocate for small businesses she works with and non-profits that she founded with Fearless271 Ministries, Inc. Where did the idea for Southern Sunshine come from? I…

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Alexander Kulitski

Matthew Manos

Alexander is the owner of Smart IT, a company he founded with a group of close friends while still at university. Smart IT builds custom software and web applications for small-medium business and supplies the development and support teams for prominent enterprises internationally. With the team behind Smart IT, Alex…

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Atilla Keskin

Matthew Manos

Attila Keskin is the founder and CEO of DesignScene and has always had a passion for discovering how things work. Targeting a career in product design, he studied Mechatronics at the University of Leeds. While studying, Keskin got into the college’s live entertainment scene; he led the events technical department,…

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Lori Steenhoek

Matthew Manos

Lori Steenhoek is an artist, designer, and mother living in Northeast Washington, D.C. She runs two small businesses and has a passion for projects that are both artistic and technical at the same time. As Owner and Creative Director of Capital Pixel, Lori creates architectural renderings and animations for real…

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Scott Watson

Matthew Manos

Scott is the joint CEO of along with his wife, Alexandra. They are acclaimed global sales and business mentors, supporting over 3000 people in their organisation over 11 different countries. Scott knew from an early age that he wanted to be his own boss. He started young by selling…

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