Free Webinar – How To Use Events To Grow Your Business

How do you grow your business? Advertising? PR? What about events?

In this free webinar, sales and marketing strategist Charlene DeCesare will teach us how to maximize events for business growth, regardless of budget. You will learn seven key lessons:

  • Why conferences, trade shows, and networking events should be a key part of your integrated sales and marketing plan.
  • What roles sales and marketing each play for maximum ROI & ROO with events, even if it’s one person.
  • How to choose the right events and/or build your own.
  • Secrets to event planning that even companies with the biggest event budgets often overlook.
  • How to gain maximum attention with onsite calls-to-action.
  • How to follow up in order to maximize resources of time and money.
  • What not to do.

This webinar will happen on Thursday at noon, mountain time.

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Sign up now, because space is limited and we do start charging for the recorded versions of our webinars to help cover the costs of this program.


About Charlene DeCesare

Over the past two decades, Charlene has proven herself as a trusted advisor to executives and companies around the world. Prior to launching a multi-million dollar startup company, EdAssist, she spent more than 10 years in sales at Gartner, Inc. where she worked with IT companies on more than 80 events globally per year. She is now VP Marketing & Sales at Boardroom Events, and also has her own consulting practice for high potential clients.

Learn more about Charlene.