14 Trends That Excite Designers at the HOW Conference

Attending the HOW Conference in Chicago has allowed IdeaMensch to meet and interview a wide range of designers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Including in-house designers, freelance designers, CEO’s of top brands in the industry, and everything in between. Below see what trends are making them tick, dream, move and shake.

• Anna Sher: Moving Photography.

Anna Johnson: Periscope, a live video streaming app for twitter and infographics.

Eugene Phillip (Newport News Shipbuilding): App development. 

Chantelle Mika-Ladd (Engineering and Fire Safety): Mobile (device) syncing. The ability to turn products on and off remotely from different locations. 

Richard Thompson (Newport News Shipbuilding): Excited that the FAA is loosening the guidelines on drones and making them more available for use in business.

Brooke Becker (Spring CM): Boxed coding and UI.

 Richard Bentham (Smithsonian Institution): Experiential Spaces. Ability  to transform environmental spaces to create full experiences for those in restaurants, etc.

Hector Castellanos: The latest Pantone colors.

Dawn Helberg: UV printing.

Andrew Harper: 4D graphic printing.

Johnathan Cumby (Energy Industry): Microgrids.

Adriana Mazariegos (Graphic Designer): The mixture of colors from neon to black and white with bold typography.

Elina Vayukhina: Cutting edge artistry.

Niveda Harisharkar: UX design and user-friendly web platforms for graphic designers to take part in development. I love the ability to understand and work in both areas. It sets us apart.