Greg Aziz

Civil Engineer at Caledon Engineering Solutions

Greg Aziz, an acclaimed engineer turned day trader, is a paragon of the multifaceted potential of the human intellect and creativity. A man of many talents, Aziz stands as an embodiment of the American Dream, successfully transitioning from a prosperous career in engineering to enjoy a surprising level of triumph in the world of day trading.

Born into the world of engineering, Greg’s passion for creation and invention took root in his home garage. His dedication led him to push boundaries and formulate innovative designs that earned him recognition in the engineering fraternity. After retiring from a successful career, his inventive spirit led him to uncover a new venture – day trading. Armed with the analytical prowess refined from his engineering days, Greg quickly climbed the ladder of success, defying all odds.

Aziz’s life is a lesson in balancing personal and professional pursuits. His heart has always been with his family. As a doting father, he ensured his two children – a boy and a girl – were brought up in an environment filled with love, care, and learning. Despite his children leaving the nest, Greg’s role as a father remains a pivotal part of his identity.

His meticulous nature is mirrored in the care with which he manages his two homes – one in Caledon, Ontario, and the other nestled in the bustling streets of New York City. These homes are testament to his refined tastes and his pursuit of excellence. The Greg Aziz touch is further evident in his unique leasing offering; when away, his fully furnished abodes serve as comfortable temporary residences for business travelers.

In an era of instant gratification, Aziz is a beacon of patience and long-term vision. He has meticulously documented his experiences and insights from engineering to parenthood, from economic analyses to homeownership lessons, in carefully kept journals. Recognizing the wealth of knowledge he has gathered, Greg Aziz is considering sharing his experiences with the world, possibly through the medium of a book.

Apart from his family and professional interests, Greg is also a dedicated member of his community. He regularly volunteers at local charity organizations, spreading the joys of engineering and science to the younger generation, giving them a taste of the passion that has driven his life.

In every sense, Greg Aziz is a man of unique character, undying passion, and invaluable experience. His life’s journey paints a compelling narrative, showcasing a man with an insatiable curiosity and an unwavering commitment to his passions. It’s clear that the story of Greg Aziz is far from over. With a wealth of experiences to share and an enduring zest for life, the world waits with bated breath for the next chapter in the intriguing journey of Greg Aziz.

What is your typical day, and how do you make it productive?

My typical day starts early, usually with a brisk walk around my property or a visit to the local farmer’s market if I’m in Caledon. Then, I’ll spend a couple of hours day trading, analyzing market trends, and adjusting my portfolio as necessary. The rest of my day is split between tinkering with a new engineering project, managing my rental properties, and writing in my journal. I find productivity in keeping myself busy but also allotting time for relaxation and family.

How do you bring ideas to life?

Jotting them down in my journal. I find that the physical act of writing stimulates my creative process. From there, I use my engineering background to create a detailed plan, breaking the project down into manageable pieces. I then methodically work through each piece, often in my well-equipped garage.

What’s one trend that excites you?

The increasing interest in sustainable living and green technologies. There’s a real opportunity here to engineer solutions that make our houses and cities more environmentally friendly, and I’m excited to contribute to this shift.

What is one habit that helps you be productive?

One habit that makes me productive as an entrepreneur is consistency. Whether it’s checking the markets daily, spending time each day on my engineering projects, or regularly maintaining my homes, consistency breeds results.

What advice would you give your younger self?

If I could advise my younger self, it would be to not worry too much about the future. Trust in your abilities, value your family, and don’t be afraid to invest in real estate in places like Caledon. Each house is not just a property but a wealth of experiences and memories.

Tell us something you believe almost nobody agrees with you on?

There’s an engineer in everyone. We all have a natural tendency to problem-solve and create, and that’s the essence of engineering.

What is the one thing you repeatedly do and recommend everyone else do?

As an entrepreneur, the one thing I do over and over and recommend everyone else do is to never stop learning. Be it about the economy, new engineering technologies, or even home improvement tips for your house, continuous learning is key to growth.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?

I tend to retreat into my garage – my sanctuary. This is where I reconnect with my roots in engineering. I find that tinkering with my personal engineering projects helps me recalibrate. The precision, the meticulousness required, they help bring my mind back into focus, serving as a reminder of the importance of taking things one step at a time.

Physical exercise is also an integral part of my coping mechanism. A brisk walk in the Caledon trails or a bike ride around Central Park in New York City, depending on where I am, offers a respite from the daily grind. Being in nature helps me clear my mind, process my thoughts, and regain my perspective.

I also find solace in reading, particularly in revisiting the notes I’ve made over the years. It’s interesting to look back at my thoughts and observations, and it often gives me a fresh perspective on the challenges at hand.

What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business or advance in your career?

One strategy is diversification. From engineering to day trading and property leasing, diversifying my interests has not only increased my net worth but also kept me engaged and motivated.

What is one failure in your career,  how did you overcome it, and what lessons did you take away from it?

One failure I had as an entrepreneur was not fully researching a company before investing in it. I learned to slow down, do my due diligence, and not let excitement cloud my judgment.

What is one business idea you’re willing to give away to our readers?

The concept of a platform that connects homeowners with local craftsmen who can carry out unique home improvement projects. It could revolutionize the way we improve our houses and support local economies.

What is one piece of software that helps you be productive? How do you use it?

Evernote. I use it to jot down ideas, keep track of my to-do lists, and organize my day.

Do you have a favorite book or podcast you’ve gotten a ton of value from and why?

One book I recommend is “The Man Who Knew Infinity” by Robert Kanigel. It’s a biography of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan, demonstrating how perseverance, passion, and creativity can overcome any obstacle.

What’s a movie or series you recently enjoyed and why?

I recently enjoyed “The Queen’s Gambit.” It’s a mini-series that depicts the journey of a young chess prodigy, her struggles, and her triumphs. I found it particularly engrossing due to the strategic parallels between chess and day trading. Like in chess, day trading requires careful analysis, strategic planning, and the willingness to take calculated risks. Furthermore, the series beautifully addresses personal struggles and resilience, themes that resonate with me on a personal level.

Key learnings

  • Diversification in interests and investments can lead to increased growth and net worth.
  • Constant learning and creativity are crucial for personal and professional development.
  • Value lies not only in properties like houses but also in the experiences and memories associated with them.