Jonathon Goldrath

Jonathon has had a foundational and operational executive role in several cannabis companies over the last three years. He is currently a partner at FocusGrowth Asset Management, and was the CFO and co-founder of Standard Farms, Local Dispensaries and Deseret Wellness. Prior to cannabis, Jonathon spent the majority of his…

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Brian Folmer

Brian is the founder of FirstLook, a subscription box full of emerging, high growth consumer brands for early-stage investors. Before starting FirstLook, he led BD & Strategic Partnerships at XRC Labs, International Operations at Victoria’s Secret, and founded a previous company through a technology startup accelerator in Cleveland. Brian believes…

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Martina Iwala

Demonstrated in all aspects of her being, Martina’s charming and inquisitive demeanor, paired with an innate sense of self-awareness, authenticates her progressive experience from FinCorp to entertainment to media production to social advocate. Of Nigerian & Cameroonian descent, Martina grew accustomed to the realities of being the product of immigrant…

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Liseda Shelegu

Liseda Shelegu graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in 2010 and began working as a sales coordinator for a luxury home fragrance brand. She thrived and tripled the business’s presence in boutiques across the country. During that time she developed a love for small business development and a…

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Jason Colodne

Jason Colodne is a Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Colbeck Capital Management. Colbeck is a private credit asset manager focused on providing strategic capital to companies going through periods of transition. Colbeck has offices in New York and Los Angles. In his role as Managing Partner, Mr. Colodne leverages his…

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Grant Powell

Grant Powell Tech Entrepreneurs

Grant Powell is a twenty-year digital veteran with a deep understanding of technology, digital product and user experience, digital advertising, SEO and social media. His unique ability to combine creativity, logic, engineering and business savvy allows him to develop results-driven approaches to new-world demands. A strategic and thoughtful leader with…

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Broghanne Jessamine

Broghanne Jessamine is an Actor and the Artistic Director and Owner of Elemental Women Productions LLC. Originally from the North East of Scotland she emigrated to NYC in 2012 to pursue her career in acting. In 2018 Elemental Women Productions was founded to empower and produce women’s experiences through the…

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Rachel Ambats

Rachel Ambats is a self-empowered New York City attorney and owner of the Law Office of Rachel Ambats, PLLC. Since Rachel launched her legal career over a decade ago, her practice has focused on protecting the rights of children, families, and individuals. She has represented clients in matters involving civil…

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Chanel Benjamin

Chanel Benjamin is the Founder of They Love My Splash, LLC which is a confidence builder through mental health awareness, worldly education and expression through multi-media entertainment services for children. She teaches workshops that expands children creativity and outlets, facilitates pre/post production all while giving tools for youth to excel….

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Jean Hamon

Jean Hamon grew up in and has spent most of his life in France, though throughout his life he studied and worked a few years in other European countries as well as the US and Singapore. Jean’s studies focused on engineering, and he later worked for 8 years in IT…

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Nicholas Beugg

Nicholas Beugg is a marketer and entrepreneur. His marketing career is highly focused on performance marketing on social platforms. He has in-depth knowledge on how to drive measurable business results using optimized creative and targeting. Over the years, he has played a key role in scaling multiple SMEs. Besides his…

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