How To Grow Your Business By Answering The Real Questions Consumers Have

One of my goals for this year is to offer you some more video interviews, and hone down on some very specific lessons that I consider relevant for entrepreneurs. Here is one video interview I recently did, which is a real gem and offers some super important lessons in both content marketing and just overall business common sense.

Some might know Marcus Sheridan as The Sales Lion or some might know him as the guy who did a fantastic job of actually growing his pool business River Pools  throughout pretty much the worst real estate economy ever.  Either way, if you’re in the business of growing your business without spending a bazillion dollars on advertising – this interview is a must watch.

Here are some of the things you are going to learn:

  • How to set-up a content strategy that’s focused around the truth and the answers to the questions that every consumer has but no one in the industry wanted to answer. He who answers the questions of the consumers – is going to earn their trust.
  • How Marcus uses content to grow his business and why and how you need to think of yourself as a producer.
  • The principles behind inbound marketing and how to move consumers down your marketing funnel.
  • Why nothing you do matters online if it doesn’t turn into sales.
  • How to measure your return on investment for your inbound marketing efforts
  • How Marcus crushed his industry, then taught his competition how to do it and yet nobody has taken his advice (This one baffled me).
  • Why Marcus isn’t worried about someone stealing his secret sauce – and why everyone needs to have their own personality online.
  • Why and how you need to think of yourself as a kindergarten teacher when executing a successful content strategy.
  •  Why you need to pick the social media channels that work for you, and make them work for you.
  •  How to dominate your industry by being its best teacher and what you can learn from kindergarten teachers.

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