Jeff Hasen – Brand Architect, Mobile Marketer, Tech Evangelist

Jeff Hasen builds, strengthens and protects brands that impact people near and far. He has led results-driven programs for the world’s largest food company, the globe’s unifying sports showcase and the worldwide leader in Internet security technology.

In recent years, he has made a dramatic impact on companies in the mobile/wireless industry (twitter @jeffhasen). Jeff co-created the certification program for the Mobile Marketing Association. He is one of only two individuals certified by the MMA to train professionals and students on mobile marketing definitions, techniques and benefits.

For Nestle, he directed product launches and reinvigorations. For the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002, his work as project director for the “look and feel” program raised community awareness and involvement and introduced the Games’ theme, logo and mascots. For Symantec, he helped consumers and businesses through debilitating computer virus outbreaks.

For InfoSpace. he drove a repositioning of the 10-year old company from 1-percent share player in online search to the pioneer in mobile media and to No. 20 on the prestigious Wired 40 list of most innovative companies on Earth.

At HipCricket, he conceived and led the execution of an accelerated rebranding effort in advance of the mobile marketing software and services company gaining substantial capital and being named “the early leader in the mobile marketing space in the U.S.” by Frost & Sullivan. HipCricket has also won consecutive annual Pioneer awards from CTIA — The Wireless Association.

He is a frequent speaker and author on mobile marketing as well as the importance of integrity in business and what he calls the “Moments of Trust” that make or break brands and dramatically impact loyalty and sales.

What are you working on right now?

I’m evangelizing for the mobile marketing industry, building the HipCricket ( brand, and evolving the presentation on Moments of Trust, those times that make or break brands and dramatically impact loyalty and sales.

3 Trends that excite you?

Mobile marketing is becoming a viable and valued technique for brands.

Barriers are being knocked down in personal technology due to innovation, killer user experiences, and the tremendous benefits technology brings to us every hour of every day.

Real customer service – like when, as I experienced recently, the flight attendant went row by row thanking passengers for their business — is making a bottom line difference.

Is the mobile device a game-changer for marketers?

The permission-based nature of mobile marketing gives the consumer the control to accept your marketing messages or to slam the door on you.

Done correctly, mobile marketing gives brands a unique avenue to engage, build brand loyalty and to sell product.

How valuable is it for a brand to hear a consumer say, “My hand is raised. I’m open to having an ongoing relationship with you”?

What is the highlight of your professional career, given you were a sports writer, worked on the Olympics, worked at some of the best ad and PR agencies, and built/strengthened brands both in-house and at agencies?

There is no one highlight.

Beyond the obvious (witnessing Super Bowls, World Series, the NBA title won, plus working on major international brand business), a few of my most cherished days were when I made a difference in a teammate’s work life and when I became a full-fledged partner in integrated marketing teams because of my respect for others, my trust in making it work, and my ability to prove my worth.