Mark Britton – Founder and CEO of Avvo


Communicate and communicate some more. So many problems are avoided or solved simply by everyone on the team being really communicative and honest early and often. I have various uncomfortable conversions during my average Avvo day; but doing so avoids the really uncomfortable conversations down the road. Mark Britton is the founder and CEO of […]

Jeremy Jaech – Co-founder of SNUPI Technologies

Eat healthy and exercise. That will help tremendously with getting enough sleep, which you will need to deal with the stresses of starting a business. Jeremy Jaech has led market-creating companies since 1983, including Aldus, Visio, Trumba, Verdiem, and SNUPI Technologies. He was co-founder and technical leader for Aldus, the creator of PageMaker. At Visio, he […]

Samuel Stubblefield – Digital Technology Architect

[quote style=”boxed”]I take off several months per year to make art. That time off (I call these months “divergent”) makes the remainder of the year (I call these months “convergent”) outrageously productive, not to mention inspired and informed.[/quote] Samuel Stubblefield is an artist known for installations and inventions that connect people. His work has often […]

Nancy MacIntyre – Founder and CEO of Fingerprint

[quote style=”boxed”]My goal is to have five work tasks accomplished by 8 a.m. each day. [/quote] Nancy MacIntyre is the founder and CEO of Fingerprint, a mobile technology company that offers customized mobile networks for global brands – working with hundreds of developers to curate and create the best mobile learning and fun apps for […]

Dean Graziano – Founder of Visible Technologies

[quote style=”boxed”]Make culture a priority. I’m a firm believer that culture isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.[/quote] Dean Graziano has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures, including as the founder of Visible Technologies Inc., an industry-leading online reputation management and social media software company located in Bellevue, Washington. Dean started Visible Technologies […]

Nancy Juetten – Creator of Bye-Bye Boring Bio

[quote style=”boxed”]Action is the great equalizer. I am like a dog with a bone and take at least five specific, terrific actions daily to execute on my ideas and bring about rewarding results.[/quote] Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten shows mission-driven and (somewhat introverted) experts how to get seen, […]

Ronnie Castro – Co-founder of Porch

[quote style=”boxed”]Before you start thinking about growing a business, you have to find out what purpose it is serving. [/quote] Ronnie leads online consumer acquisition as a co-founder of Porch – the only consumer and social Internet marketplace that connects homeowners with the right home service professionals based on insights into who neighbors have used, project and cost history, and friend endorsements. […]

Chris Cancialosi – Founder of gothamCulture

[quote style=”boxed”]If I were to start again, I would diversify our revenue streams earlier. Being dependent on a single stream of revenue is really risky and will keep you up at night. Diversification allows you to hedge your bets.[/quote] Chris Cancialosi is founder and managing partner at gothamCulture. Prior to launching gothamCulture, Chris held many […]

Benjamin Caudill – CEO of Rhino Security Labs

[quote style=”boxed”]Make a prioritized ‘to-do’ list. I do this daily, and wouldn’t be able to manage everything without it. Invaluable tool it being able to identify and prioritize what’s important on a given day.[/quote] Benjamin Caudill is the CEO and principal consultant for Rhino Security Labs, an IS consulting and managed security firm. Prior to […]