Meet The Road Trip Crew

A couple of weeks ago I announced our road trip to help ignite and promote entrepreneurial communities across America. A four-month, 48-state journey that I was hoping to not do alone. That being said, when I pressed “publish,” there was still this fear that I might.

And then the emails started rolling in. At first a few, then a few dozen and ultimately a few hundred people who all wanted to make a difference for entrepreneurs. People from all across America, college students, filmmakers, web designers, mothers of four, retirees, teachers and at least one doctor. You wouldn’t believe it. It was overwhelming, it was amazing and it made me feel really shitty about my email response time.

Anyways before I announce the crew, I want to say thank you for everyone who emailed me. You are all awesome. We still need plenty of help, and I am completely open to people traveling with us for parts of the journey. Thank you.

Now, meet the crew. The people who will help ignite and promote entrepreneurial communities across America. The people who will help organize 50+events across 48 states. The people who will document our journey via film, words and image. The people who will spend four months sleeping on couches and tents. The people who will call a van their home for the summer. The people who will do whatever it takes to bring our idea to life.

Meet Will. Meet Kelley. Meet Adam.

I couldn’t be more excited.

Will Seith

Will Seith was born and raised in Irvine, CA. For college he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he obtained a bachelors degree in Evolutionary Biology. After graduation he worked as an associate biologist for the environmental consulting firm Chambers Group Inc. in Santa Ana, CA, but the majority of his professional career was spent as a water quality scientist for the Irvine Ranch Water District in Irvine, CA.

He now attends The Rady School of Management’s Full-Time MBA program at the University of California, San Diego where he is currently pursuing a career in marketing and business development. In his free time he enjoys playing and composing music, surfing, snowboarding, SCUBA diving, hiking, road trips, and other activities that keep him moving.

Kelley Mattingly

Kelley Mattingly is an independent filmmaker and cyclist from Butte, Montana. His passion for adventure and culture brought him to New Orleans, Louisiana where inspiration flows down the Mighty Mississippi alongside steamboats and crawfish. Coming from the world of fictional storytelling, Kelley is embracing the opportunity to capture this extraordinary journey on film (memory card). Kelley’s love for filmmaking is only matched by his desire to travel the world. Combining the two is a dream come true.

Adam Unger

Adam Unger is a freshman Business Administration major, concentrating in marketing and management at Ithaca College. He has past experience in marketing after interning for the marketing department of a small boarding school. Last summer he spent a month backpacking in Washington with the National Outdoor Leadership School. He also has spent time in Alaska working at a fishing lodge doing maintenance work and fish processing, along with helping the lodge with their social media plan.

Traveling abroad has also been a big influence on his life. For two consecutive summers he studied at The American School in Switzerland taking French and Photography. However, Adam’s true passion is business. He has always thought creatively when it comes to startup. Recently he was a finalist for an idea competition for a mobile app that him and his friends are in the process of designing. In addition, he is extremely out going and loves meeting new people when ever he can. He hopes that by coming along on the road trip he can truly learn what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Colin Ferry

Collin Ferry is a writer, photographer, and world-traveler but most of all he is a thinker. He has been cursed with a mind that rarely turns off, a love for new ideas, and a large reservoir of untapped boat-captaining potential. He likes learning, making people smile, and encouraging curiosity. In his spare time you might find him scuba-diving in Belize, riding a motorcycle in Vietnam, or building a civilization at Burning Man.

And yours truly.


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