Marcus Turner – President and CTO of Enola Labs

Marcus Turner - President and CTO of Enola Labs

I want to foster an attitude where we are really just a sales and marketing organization that happens to produce world-class software. Marcus Turner is an accomplished analytical and technical architect with a successful track record in the planning and delivery of large scale enterprise solutions. His background includes the development of critical systems architectures […]

Tom Smith – VP of CloudEntr

[quote style=”boxed”]Externally, I talk to people about how they think about a problem rather than trying to “sell” them a product. That allows me to stay focused on creating innovative solutions for real problems rather than following the “feature wars” of my competitors.[/quote] Tom Smith has over 30 years of experience with security, mobile, and […]

Jock Purtle – CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]Doing some work every day. Moving projects forward slowly. There is a great saying: “How do you eat an elephant?” and the answer is one bite at a time. I think success comes down to a couple of things. Firstly goals and then habits and persistence, combining all of those things and you are […]

Cody McLain – President and CEO of PacificHost

[quote style=”boxed”]Businesses are built around copying each others ideas and improving on them. By understanding how your competitors sell products you can compile a list of what works and what doesn’t. [/quote] Since the age of 15, cody has set out on many entrepreneurial endeavors. After selling several companies he has gone on to start […]

Carol Scott – Director of Marketing at Mattr

[quote style=”boxed”]Be optimistic. Startups are generally hard work, and you’re not guaranteed success. With a negative attitude, you’ll surely fail.[/quote] Carol Scott is Director of Marketing at Mattr. Mattr believes that personalities tell powerful stories. Mattr provides brands with a deeper and more colorful view into their social audiences. Through a unique mix of personality […]

Tim Edwards – CEO of NSR Holdings

[quote style=”boxed”]Promote from within. It’s the best way to motivate and maintain your environment.[/quote] Tim Edwards is the CEO of NSR Holdings, a company that acquires underperforming or undervalued businesses, provides capital for fast-growing or high-potential startups, and creates holistic teams focused on strategy and execution in operations, finance, and human resources. NSR subsidiaries offer […]

John McLellan – Chief Revenue Officer of EBQuickstart

[quote style=”boxed”]Listen. C-level leaders, VPs, and salespeople tend to do most of the talking. You can learn a lot more about a situation and the motivations of people if you just don’t talk. So what should everyone do? Stop talking and listen.[/quote] John McLellan is the Chief Revenue Officer of EBQuickstart, the ultimate source for […]

Billy Murphy – Founder of EcomLab

[quote style=”boxed”]Find a need. Figure out how to solve it. Then do it. A lot of people try to overcomplicate it, but it’s kind of straight forward.[/quote] Billy Murphy is a serial entrepreneur who’s created several online businesses. He’s a former professional poker player who started, a poker training site, in 2009. In 2011 […]

DuAnne Redus – Owner of Maui Wowi Hawaiian

[quote style=”boxed”]Never be afraid to go after wild dreams, you can achieve so much more than you ever imagined.[/quote] After losing her husband suddenly and arriving home on a flight from a business trip just hours before the 9/11 attacks, DuAnne Redus decided it was time to stop putting off her entrepreneurial dreams. She opened […]

Jack Holt – Founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]It’s important to listen to the “right” people so you’re neither falsely encouraged by a bad idea nor discouraged from a great idea hiding under a simplistic UI.[/quote] Jack Holt is founder and CEO of MATTR. Jack founded S3 Matching Technologies in 2001, bringing to market big data SaaS products with matching algorithms. Tens […]

Matt Clark – Founder of Matt Clark

[quote style=”boxed”]I’m a big believer in not trying to reinvent the wheel. A lot of people in business, especially just-starting entrepreneurs, think you have to do something that’s “never been done” to be successful. With seven billion people on this planet, no idea you have is new.[/quote] Matt Clark is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, […]