Mykel Nahorniak – Co-founder and CEO of Localist

I dedicate full days to specific areas of the business during the week, be it product, marketing, sales, support, finance, etc. I try to remain as strategic in thinking as possible, working backwards from daily deliverables to the high-level vision, to ensure company goals are easy for everyone to understand. Mykel Nahorniak is the co-founder and […]

Beth Bell – President and Founder of Green Product Placement

[quote style=”boxed”]This is good management advice for anyone really: always thank those who help you. Always commend people when they do a good job. Follow the golden rule and treat others how you would like to be treated. It’s pretty simple, yet so many people don’t bother with it.[/quote] Beth Bell had a “light bulb […]

Brian Moran – Director of Online Sales at Get 10,000 Fans

[quote style=”boxed”]I take action, simple as that. Without actions, ideas are just ideas. Way too many people have great ideas, but are too afraid to take action. That’s all it comes down to.[/quote] Brian Moran is the Director of Online Sales at Get 10,000 Fans. Get 10,000 Fans is a marketing agency and blog that […]

Jim Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth – Founders of KneeBouncers

Before creating KneeBouncers, Jim Robinson and Kurt Dommermuth have spent a combined 36 years in marketing and advertising. Managing, directing and producing dozens of award winning promotional campaigns for high profile entertainment, hospitality, non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies. They are the owners and driving force behind PUNCH a highly successful advertising, design and digital agency. […]