Scott Yates – CEO of BlogMutt

Scott Yates - CEO of BlogMutt

Spend more time listening to customers and less time listening to venture capitalists (with apologies to my VC friends). Scott Yates is CEO of BlogMutt, the leading professional blog writing service for businesses and agencies. Scott, along with co-founder Wade Green, built the site for two reasons. One: to make it easier, faster, and more […]

Shaun Moore – Co-founder and CEO of Chui

[quote style=”boxed”]I’d rather fall asleep every night after trying all day and failing, then lay awake thinking about the dreams I never took a chance to fail at.[/quote] Shaun Moore is cofounder and CEO of Chui. The key to your life, Chui is the only smart doorbell that can recognize who someone is and then […]

Nicole DeBoom – Owner of Skirt Sports

[quote style=”boxed”]My best ideas always appear when I am working out. Fitness is a huge part of my life, and it has proven to be the place that my cluttered brain can de-clutter.[/quote] The employees of Skirt Sports like to think of Nicole DeBoom as their turbo-charged, high energy, fun-loving leader. Hailing from the ’burbs […]

Erika Napoletano – Creator of RedheadWriting

[quote style=”boxed”]Collaboration is a treasure trove and arrogance will keep you from unearthing its reward for as long as you choose to keep your head up your ass.[/quote] Erika Napoletano holds no fancy titles and is an expert at nothing except screwing up royally and learning from her mistakes. As the person behind the RedheadWriting […]

Holly Hamann – Co-Founder of BlogFrog

[quote style=”boxed”]One of the core guidelines in our company is the notion that good ideas can come from anywhere. They can come from employees, customers, partners, or even spouses.[/quote] Holly  Hamann is co-founder of BlogFrog, a leading influencer marketing platform for brands. She has spent her career launching start-ups in the internet, multimedia, entertainment, video, […]