Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray

Be more productive because you own every task that is assigned.   Kevin Gray is a leader in the facilities management industry. His experience in project management, operations management, and expertise in sourcing contract staffing has provided him with the opportunity to work with one of Canada’s fastest growing companies….

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Peter Racco

Peter Racco

Try something new and different whenever you can. Always keep learning and never think that you know enough. Never get comfortable.   Peter Racco is a licensed real estate agent in Ontario who sells and services clients in Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Waterdown, Flamborough, Hamilton, Ancaster, and surrounding areas. With…

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James Wood

James Wood

Do not get too down during hard times and know that hard work will yield great rewards. Keep your nose to the grindstone and to keep pushing forward.   James Wood is Owner and Managing Partner of Hunter Protective Services, Inc. in Burlington, Massachusetts. James Wood began his career in…

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Duncan Lennox – CEO and Co-founder of Qstream

Duncan Lennox - CEO and Co-founder of Qstream

Great ideas don’t come from thinking “how can I make this thing a little bit better?” It’s usually from turning things upside down and looking at them from a completely different angle. Duncan Lennox is many things: an information fanatic, Apple groupie, on-again-off-again practitioner of Aikido, and a private pilot….

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Jon Hainstock – Co-founder of ZoomShift

Jon Hainstock - Co-founder of ZoomShift

[quote style=”boxed”]I map out ideas and processes using a whiteboard, a text editor or in my moleskine. These ideas are then turned into to-do lists.[/quote] Jon Hainstock is the co-founder of ZoomShift. ZoomShift provides easy-to-use staff scheduling software for hundreds of managers and thousands of employees worldwide. He is also…

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