Dimitri Cherny – Founder and CEO of Highest Wind

[quote style=”boxed”]I would have immediately sold my house and paid off all my debts in order to reduce my personal burn rate to the absolute minimum.[/quote] By the time his mid-life crisis of conscience hit, Dimitri Cherny had brought to market 16 high-tech products for half a dozen companies over the course of 25 years. […]

Leslie Haywood – Inventor of Grill Charms

[quote style=”boxed”]Press lends credibility to your business, but it does not necessarily equal sales.  Oh sure, you get an initial boost, but there is no substitute for good ol’ fashion pounding the pavement.  Making sales calls is where my money comes from, not from magazine articles.[/quote] Leslie Haywood is founder and president of Charmed Life […]

Five Questions with Marcie Jacobs

Who are you and what do you do? I am the chief story starter and creator of StoryClub Games, an experience that gets people connecting, creating, and laughing their heads off. How do you bring ideas to life? Act on crazy ideas, research and trial. Then more research, trial and continuous tweaking. And most importantly […]

Dave Brown – CEO of Coastal Cigars

Dave Brown is the CEO of Coastal Cigars, a luxury cigar distributor to casinos, golf courses, hotels, and resorts, as well as a leading source for cigar rolling events across the country as well as Canada and the Caribbean. Born and raised in New York, but living in Charleston, South Carolina, he tries to apply […]

Adam Bernholz – Chairman and CEO of GreenWizard

Adam Bernholz really likes the idea that the more successful his company is, the more he benefits the environment, or at least decreases our society’s destruction of it. Approximately five years ago, Adam realized that the “built environment”, meaning the manufacture, transportation, use, and disposal of building products, was far and away the single largest […]