Brian Heider – President at Culinary Consultants

Don’t ever get complacent. Always think outside the box, and continue to expand and grow on your ideas — even if things are working for the time being. Brian Heider is the president at Culinary Consultants , a purchasing solutions organization that’s devoted to helping fraternity, sorority, and food service management companies throughout the country […]

Jeremy McBee – Owner of Wood Stone Floor to Ceiling

Jeremy McBee is the owner of Wood Stone Floor to Ceiling, the premier source for interior home needs in Columbia, Mo. Since 2008, Wood Stone has specialized in granite and quartz countertops, as well as carpet, tile, hardwood, cabinetry, sinks, and faucets. With a granite facility, Wood Stone fabricates all of its countertops in-house so […]

Mark Hodges – CEO of Brook

[quote style=”boxed”]I recommend that you make everything you do trackable.[/quote] Mark Hodges is the CEO of Brook, a social media tool that emails customers daily with the top five tweets from the Twitter users they select. It’s designed to cut through the clutter while making sure users don’t miss out on important updates from friends, […]

Don Broekelmann – Executive Vice President at Influence & Co

[quote style=”boxed”]”You can’t be confident that you’re solving a problem that your customers have if you don’t actually talk to them and learn about their problems.”[/quote] Don Broekelmann is the Executive Vice President at Influence & Co., a professional branding firm based out of Columbia, Missouri. Don works with Influence & Co.’s In-Residence program, which […]

Brittany Dowell – Vice President at Influence & Co

[quote style=”boxed”]”I think trying to help others in a community is the best thing for an entrepreneur to do.”[/quote] Brittany Dowell is Vice President of Publications at Influence & Co., a thought leadership and content marketing firm that assists experts and brands in growing their influence by getting bylined articles published in the world’s leading online […]

Benjamin Seidel – Founder of Igniting Business

[quote style=”boxed”]Plan, Prioritize, Implement, Evaluate! This can be applied to individual to-do lists for a day to the direction of one’s entire company.[/quote] Ben Seidel is currently finishing up his final year at the University of Missouri located in Columbia, Missouri. He is dual majoring in Marketing and Economics with an expected graduation date of […]

Russ Anderson – Owner of Anderson Homes

[quote style=”boxed”]Early to bed, early to rise! I try to get to the office by 6:30 a.m., which is before the subcontractors or customers start calling me.[/quote] Russ Anderson is the owner of Anderson Homes, which provides high-end quality homes with modern amenities such as media rooms, wet bars, and commercial-style kitchens at a price […]