James Drake

James Drake uses personal resources to fund philanthropic endeavours in multiple areas. His philanthropic activity spans science, sport and The Arts including a charity helping young musicians. The Future Science Group (FSG) convenes scientific and medical communities around breakthrough areas of the biosciences, with a focus on translation, collaboration and …

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Scott Dylan

Scott Dylan is the founder and managing partner of Fresh Thinking Group, an independent capital investment agency that supports businesses throughout collaborative acquisition journeys. Fresh Thinking Group provides business-transformation strategies for healthy firms looking to grow, distressed companies looking for financial support, and start-ups looking for sales-boosting guidance. Scott combines …

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Shahid Hanif

Shahid Hanif Tech Entrepreneurs

Shahid Hanif is the Co-Founder and CTO of Shufti Pro, AI-based identity verification and fraud prevention solution. Previously, he also co-founded Zensed, a machine-learning-based fraud, and chargebacks prediction system. He completed his MSc in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Edinburgh. Providing cutting-edge fraud prevention solutions to online businesses and …

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