Samuel Stubblefield – Digital Technology Architect

[quote style=”boxed”]I take off several months per year to make art. That time off (I call these months “divergent”) makes the remainder of the year (I call these months “convergent”) outrageously productive, not to mention inspired and informed.[/quote] Samuel Stubblefield is an artist known for installations and inventions that connect people. His work has often […]

Ismail Salhi – Co-founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]From what I learned until now. The best answer to this question is to build the right team.[/quote] Ismail Salhi is the founder of Ozenge Studio a digital Carpentry that aims at fixing the relationship problems people have with theiir computers. His seminal work was in the field of Ubiquitous Computing during a Ph.D. […]

Alex Dufetel – Founder of LiveMinutes

[quote style=”boxed”]I would do less. I think we started out with too many features on LiveMinutes. During our first year, we actually removed more features than we added. I would start with less.[/quote] Alex Dufetel is passionate about startups, tech, and more; specifically product & UI design. He co-founded LiveMinutes, a service that makes your […]

Bruno Pieters – Founder of Honest by

[quote style=”boxed”]Try to remember why you are doing the work you are doing. Ask yourself every day: is this what I want? Life is short and unpredictable.[/quote] Bruno Pieters is a Belgian fashion designer and art director highly regarded for his avant-garde creations and sharp tailoring. In 2012, after a two-year sabbatical from the fashion […]