Moritz Tittler

Moritz Tittler, CEO and Co-Founder of Visit4me, is a young entrepreneur from Berlin. At the age of 20, he founded the IT start-up Visit4me together with his friend and colleague Chistoph Thomas Abs (19), with the idea to automate tedious manual follow-ups of analog lead sheets and trade fair conversations….

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Rytis Jakubauskas

Rytis Jakubauskas is the General Manager at Latana, a Berlin-based tech firm. A tech entrepreneur at heart, he is now taking on brand and market research. Where did the idea for Latana come from? I started working at Dalia Research, the parent company of Latana and it was here that…

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Stefan Tittel

Get going no matter what and enjoy the journey.   Stefan Tittel is a serial entrepreneur with an impeccable track record. He has led several companies throughout their complete business life cycle. He has also founded, grew, built to market leadership and sold even more. These companies have a total…

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Augustin Ndikuriyo

Set yourself a work strategy and discipline that will keep you focused. If you do it, you will see your projects getting done efficiently and on time. Your team is watching you, remember that you’re a leader.   Augustin Ndikuriyo, entrepreneur and tourism promoter, is CEO of Augustine Tours, which…

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Markus Kessler

Be more relaxed; don´t take everything so seriously and use your experience as well as the knowledge of others to reach your goals.   Markus Kessler, a German native, has spent more than 30 years in leadership positions in diverse industries ranging from manufacturing automotive supply, paper machines and turbines,…

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Anastasia Sharova

Build on your natural talents and be confident about it.   Prior to launching Happy Bellyfish, an online healthy cooking school, Anastasia Sharova followed an unconventional and exciting career path. She worked in research and international development, led marketing in an educational start up and then ventured into healthy cooking…

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Melanie Marten

Keep on working on your vision every day, and you’ll reach your goals eventually. Everything comes to her who hustles while she waits.   Melanie Marten is the owner of the Berlin based PR agency The Coup (founded in 2010), and Founder of She consults artists as well as…

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Yiwen Cyrus – Founder and CEO of Your24hCoach

The road of entrepreneurship is bumpy and it’s easy to get distracted or even lost. Keeping the conversation lines open with the people who matter most will help you to keep the balance. Yiwen L. Cyrus is the founder and managing director of Your24hCoach – The International Coaching Network. Your24hCoach…

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