Tibor Schiemann – Co-Founder of TuneUp Software

Tibor Schiemann is the president and managing partner of TuneUp. He is primarily responsible for technical product management and executive management, and is the driving force behind the TuneUp Blog about Windows’ creative team. His expertise is in the areas of software and Web development, GUI design and user experience. Tibor is also on the […]

Tom Churm – Founder of OnlineClock.net

Tom Churm abandoned his career as an advertising copywriter to seek truth and punk rock… But instead, he ended up moving to Berlin, Germany where he invented the world’s original online alarm clock website. What are you working on right now? Right now I’m scanning the web for interesting clocks to post on OnlineClock.net’s Facebook Page. […]

Robert Boehme – The CEO of Part Time Scientists

[quote style=”boxed”] A new idea starts out as one small note taking during whatever occasion and is refined constantly over time. [/quote] Robert Boehme the CEO Part Time Scientists, a German based team of over 100 scientists, engineers and researcher that are working in cooperation with over 50 industrial partners towards sending a rover to the […]

Christian Reber- Founder of 6Wunderkinder

Christian Reber is the heart-driven founder, serial entrepreneur and driving force behind 6Wunderkinder. With his main roles as CEO and product manager he is fully realizing his childhood dream of building a company that not only creates software that is functional, but also cutting-edge and sexy. Christian has been a software developer since the age […]

Andreas Bodczek – CEO of SponsorPay

[quote style=”boxed”]In my experience, what distinguishes a successful idea from an unsuccessful one is most often not the actual idea in question but rather the nature of the execution.[/quote] As SponsorPay’s CEO, Andreas Bodczek is in charge of the overall evolution of the company, in particular finance and advertiser relations. He has steered the growth of […]

Thomas Straßburg – Co-founder of Lebepur

Thomas Straßburg is one of the Founders of Lebepur, the daily fruit and vegetable shake. He was born in Berlin, Germany in 1977. After his Master in Business Administration at the Freie Universität Berlin, he first made some marketing experiences in a Japanese Company (Keyence). After that he and his friend Stefan Arndt founded the […]

Leif & Christian – Founders of Pay with a Tweet

Leif & Christian are the founders of Pay with a Tweet, a platform that let’s people sell their goods for the price of Tweet. They believe that exposure is a currency that can be traded. The team that calls itself “Innovative Thunder” works as Associate Creative Directors at New York’s Digital Agency “R/GA” for clients […]

Dirk Wuertz – Winemaker and Wine Blogger

Dirk Wuertz is an atypical winemaker from the Rheinhessen area of Germany. After doing a lot of things in his life, he discovered his deep love for the most divine beverage — wine. This love brought him to many places and wineries. Before he started his own business, he worked as a winemaker in the […]