Christian Plagemann – Founder of Classic Trader

Step away from your daily business and talk to your staff and the real people surrounding your business. Christian Plagemann is one of three founders and Managing Directors of the Classic Trader GmbH. The extremely classic car enthusiast is responsible for sales, customer support and cooperations at . In the past 5 years, the […]

Bernd Korz – Founder, CEO and CVO of alugha

[quote style=”boxed”]It’s important that you feel good when doing things. Watch out that you be faithful to yourself and never bend yourself![/quote] With a clear conscience alugha founder Bernd Korz can be called a Jack of all trades. Already during his education as master concrete worker and master mason as well as certified building engineer […]

Catharina van Delden – CEO and Co-founder of innosabi

[quote style=”boxed”]Talk to everybody you meet about your vision.[/quote] Catharina van Delden is CEO and co-founder of innosabi, the leading German provider of Internet-based co-creation tools. In June 2010 innosabi launched, a social product development platform where consumers first discuss their own suggestions and then vote for the best ideas. This is how companies […]

Susanna Gebauer – Co-Founder of exploreB2B

Susanna Gebauer is one of the founders of exploreB2B, a social platform for business that focuses on writing articles, creating discussions and creating connections among users. She has lived in Berlin most of her life; she went to school in Berlin, studied mathematics and worked as a scientist for 5 years at the Freie Universität Berlin. After […]

Deon Retief – Founder of Silverback

[quote style=”boxed”]Traveling, reading, observing and asking questions is the start. The process of ideation can begin with a sketch, a spreadsheet or a graphical chart. I share my ideas with my product team, ask outsiders for comments and conduct qualitative research. The conceptualization period is formalized with feasibility studies, finance mapping and prototype planning.[/quote] In […]