Tiffany Meerovitsch

At 23-years-old, Tiffany Meerovitsch is the leader in bringing style and precision to Swiss-made watches. Inspired by her watchmaker father, she started her own watch company – NOVE – which is now in its 5th year of business, manufacturing watch collections that can be worn by both men and women….

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Jenny You

As YOU. Group’s co-founder & former General Manager at Merlin Entertainments, Jenny You has spent over 12 years in the Hotel Industry prior to moving into Tourism Attraction Management. In hotels, every day started with data, and business strategy was firmly rooted in hard numbers and competitor benchmarks. After changing…

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Joshua Davies

Originally from Honolulu, Joshua Davies has spent the last 20 years working internationally, with the last 15 based in Asia and currently in Hong Kong. His roots began in university education where he taught a variety of communication and business courses. Joshua served on many boards and in various non-profit…

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Vijay Eswaran

First rule, you cannot do everything yourself. In fact, the best managers had to learn to fire themselves. Everything you learned to become a millionaire, you have to destroy, if you want to level up. Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the author of six books including…

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Tuukka Korhonen

Originally from Finland, Tuukka Korhonen is thriving as a leader when it comes to advancements in technology. From an early age, Tuukka has always been fascinated by what technology had to offer; especially from growing up in different places around Europe. From Finland to Switzerland to Germany, he has been…

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Baldo Sanso

During the decision-making process, devote as much time as you can to brainstorming with your team before making a final decision. Diversity of thought is always beneficial to a business.   Baldo Sansó is President of Tracia Hong Kong, a legacy asset management firm in Hong Kong. Tracia provides consultancy…

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Nydia Zhang

The world is full of competition and discrimination, and so many people think inwardly about “what’s in it for me” before considering helping others. It’s so important to support people with different projects and ideas without expecting anything in return.   Nydia Zhang is the Co-founder and Chairman of Social…

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Robert Ebert

When you don’t understand something find a way to locate the documentation or the literature about it that you can grasp. Things are moving so quickly and changing so fast that an understanding of the future possibilities of evolving technology is vital.   Robert Ebert is a technology investor. His…

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Samar Shaheryar – Co-Founder of Baby Hero

  Don’t be afraid to scrap a plan and move on. Samar Shaheryar is the Co-Founder of Baby Hero, a Hong-Kong based ethical children’s clothing company dedicated to reducing infant mortality while maintaining a sustainable supply chain. After studying International Relations at Tufts University, Samar was an investment banker at…

Meet Samar Shaheryar – Co-Founder of Baby Hero