Dr. Alex Lechin

Basya Benshushan

You are always better off to do things honestly and openly. Working together is the best situation for everyone.   Dr. Alex Lechin comes from a long lineage of doctors who practiced medicine. He has been in the Houston area for many years and graduated from the Central University of…

Meet Dr. Alex Lechin

David Graham

Basya Benshushan

Fail often but never the same way twice. Use every mistake and failure as a learning experience to continue evolving as a professional.   David Graham has been a software developer for more than 20 years and has a track record of building successful software and businesses. In his years…

Meet David Graham

Dave Wakefield

Basya Benshushan

For me, productivity is getting the greatest return on your investment. Quick decisions can often be unproductive, because the return requires future revision. Better to make the right choice the first time.   Dave Wakefield is the founder and CEO of Sibme. Dave has spent his career bridging education and…

Meet Dave Wakefield

Dhaval Jadav

Basya Benshushan

You have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Once you start to taste success, it’s really easy to become complacent and comfortable, but that’s when people stop growing and life becomes just a little bit more boring each and every day.   Dhaval Jadav is the CEO of…

Meet Dhaval Jadav

Ian Reynolds

You can learn great deal from the extremes of success and failure and help build the right habits early.”   Ian Reynolds is a Partner at Zibtek, LLC a global software development firm with over two hundred engineers across the US, Philippines and India. Ian began his career working in…

Meet Ian Reynolds

Lauren Hill

Basya Benshushan

Keep asking questions until you fully understand. Lauren Hill is the President and Founder of Medical Inflatables. Medical Inflatables was born after Hill—who was working in marketing at a major Houston hospital at the time—noticed a gap in community health education events. The general public’s knowledge about how to prevent a…

Meet Lauren Hill

Elizabeth Pudwill – President of I Know Somebody Houston

Basya Benshushan

Do the things you are afraid to do. Elizabeth Pudwill works directly with the public on a daily basis at the Houston Chronicle as Executive Assistant to the Editor and Chronicle Reader Representative. She is all around problem solver. A solution minded woman, helping people and finding solutions is what…

Meet Elizabeth Pudwill – President of I Know Somebody Houston

Dr. Gregory Burzynski – Founder of Houston Concierge Medicine

Basya Benshushan

Don’t give up and enjoy the ride, you’ve got some great things coming your way. Dr. Gregory Burzynski is a board-certified physician practicing internal medicine in Houston, Texas. He provides top-notch primary and integrative medical care at Houston Concierge Medicine and Wellness Center. Dr. Burzynski is a strong believer in…

Meet Dr. Gregory Burzynski – Founder of Houston Concierge Medicine