Peter Selmeczy

Peter Selmeczy

Content is nothing without passion. If you don’t enjoy writing about a topic, you probably shouldn’t be writing about it.   Peter Selmeczy has always had a passion for getting hands-on and building things. What he didn’t imagine though, is that he’d be creating and running websites instead of machines!…

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Akos Boros

Akos Boros

Keep everything lean. Make mistakes and learn from them, then move forward. Aim for sustainability, both in the professional and personal life.   Akos is a tech enthusiast who loves building things. He is fascinated by optimization and well-working systems. The process of creation is one of the most important…

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Ákos Dömötör – CEO of OptoForce

Ákos Dömötör - CEO of OptoForce

“There’s nothing more important than listening to and focusing on your customer.” Ákos Dömötör is the CEO at OptoForce. Since 2014, Ákos has helped transform the company from an engineering-focused organization to a true global corporation. Leveraging the company’s expertise of developing technically-advanced sensors, he has strengthened its business strategy…

Meet Ákos Dömötör – CEO of OptoForce

Sara Gulyas – Designer and Founder of Pikkpack

Sara Gulyas - Designer and Founder of Pikkpack

[quote style=”boxed”]Hard work will always pay off. You have to believe that if you put a great amount of time and effort in something, sooner or later you will see the results.[/quote] Sara Gulyas is a Hungarian designer with a passion for shoes. She graduated as a leather-designer from the…

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