Seyi Fabode – CEO and Co-Founder of Power2Switch

[quote style=”boxed”]I’d pay more attention to people, because at the end of the day, it’s your relationship with people that matters the most. No surprises there, since teammates, customers and investors/stakeholders are all people.[/quote] Seyi Fabode, 35, is the CEO and co-founder of Power2Switch, an innovative website that enables residential and commercial electricity customers to […]

Faraz ‘Fam’ Mirza – Founder of Mirza Minds

[quote style=”boxed”]The first and last job I ever had was at Jewel-Osco. What I learned from it is was that it is non-sensical to work all your life to build another man’s legacy.[/quote] Faraz ‘Fam’ Mirza is a serial entrepreneur, product designer, and american marketer. He is best known for establishing a fashion trend, creating […]

Tim Jahn – Co-founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]Meet new people. Your network is your greatest asset and meeting new people on a regular basis is a fantastic way to keep your creative juices flowing. It’s also a great way to constantly refresh yourself with new ideas.[/quote] As a developer in the Chicago tech community, Tim Jahn has made his mark interviewing […]

Rob Walsh – Co-Founder of Scholastica

[quote style=”boxed”]Talk to the people who you expect to use your product before you build it. Before you work on any huge problem that your customer knows better than you do, just talk to them. You don’t have to build exactly what they’re asking for, just talk to them and observe what the problem truly […]

Bernie Pitzel – Creative in Residence at Jacobs Agency

For close to 30 years, Bernie Pitzel has created and directed award winning advertising for clients such as Gatorade, McDonald’s, Coors Light, Long John Silver’s, Corona Beer and HEAD Tennis, to name a few. Bernie is best known for creating the “Be Like Mike” Gatorade campaign featuring Michael Jordan. The creation, pitching, production and results […]

Brandon Weiss – Programmer and Co-founder of MyZeus

[quote style=”boxed”]It’s not nice to kiss and tell, but let’s just say I worked at a print design studio for a year building websites and web applications designed by print designers. What I learned is, you can’t make people learn what they don’t love.[/quote] Brandon Weiss is a programmer from Chicago, Illinois. He works on […]

Jennifer Morehead – Founder of Lockboxer

[quote style=”boxed”]I’m also never afraid to pick up the phone and call someone out of the blue. I think cold calling is a fantastic skill in terms of quickly moving your concept forward because you can immediately get feedback on assumptions that you’ve made.[/quote] Jennifer Morehead is the founder of Lockboxer, an innovative, web-based solution […]

Joe Miller – Founder of Print a Forest

[quote style=”boxed”]Action.  Figure out the little things you can do, and keep taking steps forward.  If you can’t build a prototype.  Take a survey or create a 1.0 pilot, so that when you get to the next level you have something real to show.   Talk to as many people as you can.[/quote] When Joe Miller […]

Patrick Algrim – Founder of MyZeus

Patrick Algrim is a Product Designer from Chicago, Illinois. A true digital kid at heart. Started to design and create small Web sites in fifth grade. The process came about fairly quickly when he asked family members how to create one. When no single person seemed to know how he became intrigued. Soon after picking up […]