Kenneth Coats – Founder of eKnowID

[quote style=”boxed”]Pull over once in a while to take it all in! Like many entrepreneurs, I’ve been going hard, working 90+-hour weeks for the past six years. I’m just now realizing I need to start working on the balance thing — even if it’s just making time to watch old episodes of “The Three Stooges.”[/quote] […]

Brendan Egan – President & CEO of Simple SEO Group

[quote style=”boxed”]”I constantly look for ways to make things more efficient, more cost effective, easier, simpler, and in one word better.”[/quote] Brendan Egan grew up in the Chicago suburb of Glenview, Illinois. Growing up he always had an entrepreneurial mind and worked to improve upon the ideas of others. At the age of 12, he […]

Sarah Chalos – Co-Founder of I heart keenwah

[quote style=”boxed”]”All these things are fleeting, and I never want to feel regret, that I wish I had enjoyed life more.”[/quote] Sarah is a Chicago native. It’s the city where she was raised, graduated from high school, found her first job, was married and (relatively recently) had her two baby sons. It’s also where i […]

Sean Johnson – Partner of Digital Intent

[quote style=”boxed”]Deliberate practice – consistently focus on being staggeringly good at what you do.[/quote] Sean Johnson is a partner and leads product development at Digital Intent, a firm that conceives, builds and grows new digital startups. He has helped companies like Groupon, Follett, HarperCollins, Sittercity and more create innovative digital businesses and help them grow. […]