Brian Heider – President at Culinary Consultants

Don’t ever get complacent. Always think outside the box, and continue to expand and grow on your ideas — even if things are working for the time being. Brian Heider is the president at Culinary Consultants , a purchasing solutions organization that’s devoted to helping fraternity, sorority, and food service management companies throughout the country […]

Star Cunningham – Founder of 4D Healthware

[quote style=”boxed”]Take the time to help, make introductions and genuinely listen to others instead of firing off quick, unhelpful responses. You’re going to need a lot of people to do the same for you.[/quote] Star Cunningham is the founder of 4D Healthware. 4D Healthware, located in the Chicago-based startup accelerator 1871, is patient engagement software […]

Monica Yearwood – Ayurvedic practitioner, author, healer and yogi

[quote style=”boxed”]More and more so, keeping lists of what needs to be accomplished and learning how to delegate the things I am not best at to other people.[/quote] Monica Yearwood empowers her clients with information fueled by an experiential practice. She emphasizes awareness. Her focus is digestive health, detoxification, and life transition. She believes each […]

Mike Shannon – Co-founder of Packback

[quote style=”boxed”]One habit I’ve developed recently is to look over my calendar the night before and fill in open time with a minute-by-minute schedule of tasks that I prioritize using a system called Trello [/quote] Mike Shannon is co-founder and handles business development for Packback, an education technology startup. Packback provides a solution to both […]

Christina Bouza – Co-Founder of CJ Creative Solutions

[quote]Network with others everywhere you go. There is always an opportunity to talk about what you do.[/quote] Christina Bouza is Co-founder and Director of Content for CJ Creative Solutions, a content marketing company based out of Sugar Grove, IL, that specializes in written content for digital marketing channels. She has been passionate about writing all […]

John Jackovin – Co-founder of Bawte

[quote style=”boxed”]My typical day involves nothing typical. I am the only sales person, I lead the development team and I am the UI/UX guy as well. I am a marketing guy by education and have taught myself to code….but am really just a hack.[/quote] John Jackovin graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree […]

Cezar Kolodziej – President, CEO and Co-Founder of Iris Mobile

[quote style=”boxed”] Always talk to customers and understand their pains. A solution to an ongoing pain is much easier to sell than things that are “nice to have.”[/quote] Cezar Kolodziej, Ph.D. is the President, CEO and Co-Founder of Iris Mobile. He is widely recognized as one of foremost mobile technologist and visionary experts on MMS […]