Jin Koh – Founder of Original Stitch

[quote style=”boxed”]Say no to many good ideas. Stick to your best idea.[/quote] Jin is the founder of Original Stitch, the leading online destination for buying customizable dress shirts. Jin also serves as the Executive Vice President of Mobile Solutions at Splashtop Inc, a mobile solutions for the enterprise market. He started Splashtop KK to expand […]

Naoki Yamada – Founder of Any Door

Sleep well and wake up early. Naoki Yamada grew up in Japan and went to college in Los Angeles, California. After graduation, he started working for company in Japan as a system engineer. Naoki loves to watch and play sports and travels a lot to know the diversity of every culture. Where did the idea for Any […]

Saul Fleischman – Founder of RiteTag

[quote style=”boxed”]I launch them in IdeasWatch, team-build in the Startup Bootstrappers G+ Community, and get people talking. If people want to keep things at texting level, I drop them; I firmly believe that if people really want to partner with you, they’ll find a way to talk with you.[/quote] Founder of emerging social media tool sites. […]

Yuki Furukawa – Co-founder of Yamory

Yuki Furukawa is the CEO and co-founder of yamory, a subscription service for regular delivery of prepackaged emergency provisions. He did some volunteering in Ishinomaki, Minamisanrikucho where he got the instinct that there needs to be a service like yamory. He graduated from the University of Tokyo. What are you working on right now? We’re […]