Jin Koh – Founder of Original Stitch

[quote style=”boxed”]Say no to many good ideas. Stick to your best idea.[/quote] Jin is the founder of Original Stitch, the leading online destination for buying customizable dress shirts. Jin also serves as the Executive Vice President of Mobile Solutions at Splashtop Inc, a mobile solutions for the enterprise market. He started Splashtop KK to expand […]

Naoki Yamada – Founder of Any Door

[quote style=”boxed”]Sleep well and wake up early.[/quote] Naoki Yamada grew up in Japan and went to college in Los Angeles, California. After graduation, he started working for company in Japan as a system engineer. Naoki loves to watch and play sports and travels a lot to know the diversity of every culture. Where did the idea for […]

Saul Fleischman – Founder of RiteTag

[quote style=”boxed”]I launch them in IdeasWatch, team-build in the Startup Bootstrappers G+ Community, and get people talking. If people want to keep things at texting level, I drop them; I firmly believe that if people really want to partner with you, they’ll find a way to talk with you.[/quote] Founder of emerging social media tool sites. […]

Yuki Furukawa – Co-founder of Yamory

Yuki Furukawa is the CEO and co-founder of yamory, a subscription service for regular delivery of prepackaged emergency provisions. He did some volunteering in Ishinomaki, Minamisanrikucho where he got the instinct that there needs to be a service like yamory. He graduated from the University of Tokyo. What are you working on right now? We’re […]