Jordan Passman – Founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]Making new friends and keeping the old. Don’t just work with people, work with people you can call friends, it’s way more fun and rewarding for everybody.[/quote] Jordan Passman, one of FORBES’ 2014 30 under 30 Music entrepreneurs, founded in May 2010. A Los Angeles native, he still runs the company from LA. […]

Bronson Quon – FVP & Controller at LERETA LLC

[quote style=”boxed”]I would build relationships differently with partners to ensure a mutual success, rather than a 1-sided venture.[/quote] Bronson L. Quon, a CPA, started his professional career even before graduating college, interning at notable companies like The Walt Disney Company and The Gap where he gained valuable experience in Financial Reporting and Analysis and Revenue. […]

Kelly McConnell – Co-owner of Prince Lionheart

[quote style=”boxed”]Perhaps we would dare to be bold right from the start. Sometimes it is easier to play it safe.[/quote] Kelly McConnell is a second generation co-owner of Prince Lionheart, a company that designs and creates top quality parenting innovations. There’s the flawless parenting you see on TV, and then there’s reality. Prince Lionheart focuses […]

James Cummiskey – Managing Director of Cima Coffee Farms

[quote style=”boxed”]If I were to start again, I would hire a bit slower and more deliberately. Companies don’t make profits. People do. Take care of your people first and only hire people that truly inspire you. Regardless, leaders eat last.[/quote] James Cummiskey has over thirty years of achievement and executive responsibility in the defense, aerospace […]

Michele Esposito – Founder of Not Just Any Old Day

[quote style=”boxed”]I don’t know if it’s a trend or more of a staple item, but personalized jewelry is never going to be gone because ‘sentimental’ will never go out of style.[/quote] Michele Esposito is the founder of Not Just Any Old Day…It’s YOUR Special Day, a jewelry line that believes dates such as an anniversary […]

Emily Egbert – Co-founder of HitUp

[quote style=”boxed”]When in doubt, don’t hire — keep looking.[/quote] A professional ballerina-turned-entrepreneur, Emily Egbert is the co-founder of HitUp, an app that allows customers to purchase and send business gifts to clients or employees in an efficient and personalized way. Sending and receiving gifts should be as easy as sending an email or updating a […]

Ad Sachan – Co-Founder at Treeline Woodworks

[quote style=”boxed”]Try more things faster.[/quote] Ad is an engineer by education, designer by disposition and an adventurer at heart. He finds life exciting when he is getting to build things better. He went to college for aerospace engineering, left for the gulf coast for relief work the year Katrina and Rita made landfall. After a […]

Vivienne Van Eijkelenborg – Owner of the Difrax

[quote style=”boxed”]Invest in yourself. You have to keep your energy high, ideas flowing and optimism thriving.[/quote] Vivienne Van Eijkelenborg is the owner of the Difrax baby product company that offers fashionable and ingenious pacifiers, bottles, baby care products, and cuddly toys. Ever since Vivienne took over the company from her parents in January of 1999, […]