James Wong – Chief Energizing Officer of Verge Collective


I spend the mornings on creative, afternoons on management and evenings on business development. James Wong has developed Branding and Marketing Strategies for corporate clients like the Past VP of Product Marketing at Facebook, the CEO of Panda Express, the Past CEO of Giorgio Beverly Hills and Fredrick’s of Hollywood, Keller Williams International, and about […]

Mitch Kahan – Co-founder of InviteUp

Mitch Kahan - Co-founder of InviteUp

Find business partners with different strengths than you. Following graduation from the University of Southern California in 2008, Mitch Kahan dove into entrepreneurial ventures through a number of real estate projects. These include the reinvigoration of downtown Los Angeles, through his membership with Oracle Consulting LLC, and several hospitality and retail-related projects. As a young […]