Bhushan Patil

Bhushan Patil is a telecommunication engineer turned into a digital marketer & blogger based in Mumbai (India). After completing his engineering he worked as a system engineer in many multinational companies but later he decided to follow his passion and left his job and started doing “SEO” and “content writing”….

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Kartik Gurmule

There is no specific age to start entrepreneurship. An 8-year-old kid, as well as an 80-year-old man, can change their life completely being an entrepreneur. There is no age-factor in business.   Kartik Gurmule is an 18-year-old entrepreneur from India who is currently the founder/co-founder of KASA, Tryft, Rydable and…

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Tehzeeb Lalani

Tehzeeb is a young and dynamic entrepreneur with a degree in Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies from New York University. She is the proprietor of a Mumbai-based health and nutrition consultancy service called Scale Beyond Scale (SBS) where she helps her clients look beyond the weighing scale and guides them…

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Ketan Pande

Never compare yourself to others, especially in your tough times. Because this not only makes you feel worthless, but it also makes you follow others without thinking about your capabilities and interest.   A millennial entrepreneur, Ketan Pande, is the founder of GoodVitae, a platform for those who dare to…

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