Paul Kenyon – Co-founder and COO of Avecto

[quote style=”boxed”]Prioritize and do the most important stuff first — and don’t get distracted by displacement activity. It’s seems obvious, but it’s not so easy to do in practice. I regularly check myself to make sure that what I am doing matters.[/quote] Paul Kenyon is co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Avecto. He is responsible […]

Jeffrey Vocell – Co-Founder of Trendslide

[quote style=”boxed”]We have a bias toward action, with the caveat to always be testing.[/quote] Jeffrey Vocell is an analytics geek, early tech adopter, and entrepreneur. He is Co-Founder of a startup named Trendslide, a mobile dashboard app that provides actionable business insights to executives. After experiencing firsthand how difficult it was to get real-time analytics […]

Ken Oboh – Co-Founder of Remix and Umix

[quote style=”boxed”]Even if you succeed, but you do it in an industry you don’t connect with, or while working with people you don’t like or respect, you’ll never be fulfilled, no matter how successful you become.[/quote] Ken Oboh is the co-founder of Remix and Umix, two  music sites that give users the power to be their […]