Matt Reaney

Matt Reaney

Take risks and follow them through. Seeking advice from others will maximize your chances of success and decrease your bias.   Matt Reaney is the founder and CEO of Big Cloud; a global data science recruitment start-up based at a UK office in Manchester. With the demand of technology ever-growing,…

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Issac Qureshi

Matt Reaney

Have good people around you and develop strong partnerships. It’s difficult to grow all by yourself, but if you have highly competent people around you it will work.   Issac Qureshi is a taxation and wealth management specialist who operates in the UK, Europe, Middle East and the United States…

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James Taylor

Matt Reaney

Get staff you can trust, and delegate where possible.   James Taylor is the director of Dispense Digital, a white label digital marketing agency based in Manchester, UK. Where did the idea for your company come from? I started Dispense Digital off the back of my business as a freelance…

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Claire Harper

Matt Reaney

Commit to going after something as hard as you can, every time, no matter what. Look after your customers – all of them. Claire Harper is the founder and MD of Greater Manchester (UK) based Harper Innovations, parent company of Muscle Moose. Following a period of rapid growth over the…

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Mark Allardyce

Matt Reaney

Believe in yourself, not what others say or do.   Mark Allardyce is Founder & Group Chairman of Envilope, the World’s First Blockchain Postal Service. A 30-year software industry veteran, Mark has run many software development and new media production companies that have created countless apps used by millions of people…

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Simon Wharton

Matt Reaney

Understand that your job is to employ people who are better than you and then guide them in getting on with it.   Simon has spent more than two decades operating within the digital sector, initially in a corporate environment, before becoming embroiled in the early days of the Manchester…

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Cat Crawford

Matt Reaney

When it comes to content marketing, things can get stale very quickly and allow yourself that chance to be a bit weird and out there can definitely shake things up a bit.   Cat Crawford is a full-time, creative content manager, helping creative freelancers and solopreneurs to find their place…

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Jon Woodall – Founder and Managing Director of Space 48

Matt Reaney

Learn to listen, stay curious and always sleep on big decisions.” Self-taught, passionate about business and ecommerce Jon has learned by making many of his own mistakes. How else do we learn? Jon calls it mistake driven success. As the founder and managing director of Space 48 one of the…

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