Will Crump – President and CEO DATUM

Will Crump - President and CEO DATUM

Validate your assumptions. It is the only way you can be sure you aren’t too far ahead of your audience, your market, your team, or yourself. With more than 15 years invested in building high-performance, cross-functional teams to compete in global venues, Will Crump brings a wealth of experience as president and CEO of DATUM. […]

Marie Klok Crump – Partner of DATUM

Marie Klok Crump - Partner of DATUM

Anticipate. I keep an open mind about what will come next but I strive to anticipate the potential next scenarios. That way, you can react to reality much faster and with more confidence. Marie Klok Crump has played instrumental leadership roles for companies in the process of productizing information management services into software solutions; formulating […]

Mykel Nahorniak – Co-founder and CEO of Localist

I dedicate full days to specific areas of the business during the week, be it product, marketing, sales, support, finance, etc. I try to remain as strategic in thinking as possible, working backwards from daily deliverables to the high-level vision, to ensure company goals are easy for everyone to understand. Mykel Nahorniak is the co-founder and […]

Greg Hollis – President/CEO Trinity Protection Services, Inc.

[quote style=”boxed”]Inspect what you expect..[/quote] Greg Hollis spent a career of 20 years in the mortgage industry, working, managing, and owning mortgage companies. Over his career Greg has been responsible for lending more than $1 billion dollars in mortgages. By age 28 Greg had built and sold a successful Mortgage brokerage, Pinnacle Financial Services, Inc. […]