Mykel Nahorniak – Co-founder and CEO of Localist

[quote style=”boxed”]I dedicate full days to specific areas of the business during the week, be it product, marketing, sales, support, finance, etc. I try to remain as strategic in thinking as possible, working backwards from daily deliverables to the high-level vision, to ensure company goals are easy for everyone to understand.[/quote] Mykel Nahorniak is the […]

Greg Hollis – President/CEO Trinity Protection Services, Inc.

[quote style=”boxed”]Inspect what you expect..[/quote] Greg Hollis spent a career of 20 years in the mortgage industry, working, managing, and owning mortgage companies. Over his career Greg has been responsible for lending more than $1 billion dollars in mortgages. By age 28 Greg had built and sold a successful Mortgage brokerage, Pinnacle Financial Services, Inc. […]

Danielle Tate – Founder and President of

[quote style=”boxed”]Have good ideas every day, write them down and then make them happen![/quote] Danielle Tate is the founder and president of As a successful entrepreneur, Danielle is a newlywed expert, on-camera personality, writer, author of a top rated Google newlywed blog and a bridal magazine contributor. It was a 13-hour struggle to change […]

Manpreet Singh – President and COO of Seva Call

[quote style=”boxed”]If I could start again, I would have definitely started earlier.[/quote] Manpreet’s passion is Seva Call – a new local search engine that helps consumers connect to companies. It is going to change the way people use local service providers. Manpreet Singh, CFA was at an investment firm in the DC area for more […]

Mike Mann – Founder and Chairman of

Mike Mann is the founder and chairman of, a global network providing free services to nonprofits and promoting social action. He also founded and manages Make Change! Trust, a charitable fund that supports select 501c3 organizations. Mann is the author of “Make Millions & Make Change! Secrets to Business and Personal Success.” He has […]

Derrick Parks – CEO of Metropolitan Protective Services

[quote style=”boxed”]The one thing I do on a consistent basis is focus on one goal at a time.[/quote] Derrick Parks is the President and CEO of Metropolitan Protective Services, a successful Physical Security company that focuses on safety, excellence in performance, customer service and client satisfaction. Under his leadership, the company has grown into a […]

Eskat Asfaw – Founder of College Shuttles

[quote style=”boxed”]I would start earlier and take it seriously. Although I started in college, I was excited over the little money I was getting and didn’t invest more while I had all that time and no obligations. [/quote] Eskat Asfaw started College Shuttles in his Mazda 626 while in college. After diving home every weekend Eskat […]

Jason Jannati – Co-Founder of greeNEWit

[quote]I would say stay curious and push yourself to do something new and different. Take risks. Not only about your business, but about other things you’re passionate about and people in general.[/quote] Insightful, driven, and passionate, Jason Jannati is a devoted brand strategist and leader in energy efficiency. As a founding member of the Howard […]

Beth Bell – President and Founder of Green Product Placement

[quote style=”boxed”]This is good management advice for anyone really: always thank those who help you. Always commend people when they do a good job. Follow the golden rule and treat others how you would like to be treated. It’s pretty simple, yet so many people don’t bother with it.[/quote] Beth Bell had a “light bulb […]

Brian Moran – Director of Online Sales at Get 10,000 Fans

[quote style=”boxed”]I take action, simple as that. Without actions, ideas are just ideas. Way too many people have great ideas, but are too afraid to take action. That’s all it comes down to.[/quote] Brian Moran is the Director of Online Sales at Get 10,000 Fans. Get 10,000 Fans is a marketing agency and blog that […]