Chuck Amos – CEO of GuideK12

Chuck Amos - CEO of GuideK12

This may sound strange, but for small companies, not all growth is good growth. Measured growth is best. I believe that a company needs to pace itself with regard to the promises and commitments it makes both internally and externally. No amount of growth is worth breaking promises to your customers. Chuck Amos, a proven […]

Becky Sturm – Owner and Founder of 3waybeauty

[quote style=”boxed”]I closed it, cried, and then put my big girl pants on.[/quote] Becky Sturm is the owner and founder of 3waybeauty and StormSister Spatique and the co-founder of the HAMMS Event. StormSister Spatique is an online beauty boutique and 3waybeauty is a multi-functional, grooming brand. HAMMS Event – Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed, is […]

Ben Vanden Wymelenberg – Owner and CEO of Woodchuck

[quote style=”boxed”]There is going to be an aspect of your business you despise doing. Get it done, and once you’ve pushed hard enough to reach the next level, you can hire someone else to do it for you.[/quote] As founders’ stories go, Ben Vanden Wymelenberg’s tale can be placed into the—came up with a business […]

Margaret Rode and Becca Feroe – Founders of doublesDate

[quote style=”boxed”]If we were to start again, we would definitely want to be born into money. Not being fed from the silver spoon is the worst decision we’ve ever made.[/quote] Margaret Rode, together with her best friend and co-founder, Becca Feroe, run a Chicago start-up called doublesDate. Margaret and Becca never had a reason to […]

Jay Haase – Founder of Wire Car

[quote style=”boxed”]I keep telling myself: I will succeed.[/quote] Jay Haase grew up in northern Minnesota. During his childhood, his family moved around a lot. Jay remembers switching schools as being a bit scary, and like many of us remembers the feeling of “not quite fitting in”. It was the mid-seventies, during 7th grade, when Jay […]

Matt Hunt – Founder of Stanford and Griggs

[quote style=”boxed”]My failures are the outcomes of my actions, but they do not define who I am.[/quote] Matt Hunt is a professional speaker, blogger, consultant and founder of Stanford and Griggs, LLC. With over 20 years of business and technology experience he has a demonstrated excellence in business strategy, innovation, and leadership development with large […]

John Brownlee – CEO and Co-founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]Network aggressively and authentically. [/quote] It quickly becomes clear that John Brownlee is convinced a few simple technologies in the hands of patients and health care providers can lead to a better health care experience, and improved outcomes. In fact, he makes a convincing case that that they must lead there, or we’re in big […]

Lief Larson – CEO of Workface

[quote style=”boxed”]Stay focused on what success means to you. Too often, the day-to-day distractions get in the way. Don’t let what you think other people’s expectations are of you trump your expectations of yourself.[/quote] Lief C. Larson has been a pioneer in media and Internet technology and has a proven track record in product research, […]

Kristina Halvorson – Founder and CEO of Brain Traffic

[quote style=”boxed”]1. Audit the content you have. List it in an Excel spreadsheet. Look long and hard at it.2. Put someone in charge of the content at the beginning of the project. Not just the content creation, but really asking tough questions about it and finding out who has the answers. And make sure it’s […]

Brad Cleveland – President and CEO of Proto Labs

[quote style=”boxed”]My father taught me that “sometimes you have to do the right thing, and suffer the consequences”.  It’s something I try to live up to all the time.[/quote] Brad Cleveland has been the President and CEO of Proto Labs, Inc. since 2001.  Proto Labs is the world’s fastest provider of CNC machined and injection-molded […]