Tiffany Delmore

Tiffany Delmore

The rise in young entrepreneurs and the sheer accessibility of an entire world of information that just hadn’t been available before excites me. I want more young people to become entrepreneurs and really reach for the stars.   Tiffany Delmore is the founder of, a platform offering school safety programs….

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Diana Morris

Tiffany Delmore

Ignorance—in the purest definition of the word—will always be part of my life because, for as much as I know, there’s so much more to discover.   Diana R.A. Morris is an educator, writer, and editor who helps people reach their “aha” moment. In March 2018, Morris released her first…

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Lee Wilson

Tiffany Delmore

Don’t over-complicate things. Sometimes you just have to start and deal with tweaking and perfecting later in the process. If you are waiting on something to be completely perfect, you likely won’t ever get there.   Lee Wilson is a businessman, success coach, and best-selling author. He is one of…

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Steve Diggs

Tiffany Delmore

Enjoy and appreciate your accomplishments more. Don’t be so hard on yourself.   Steve Diggs (CSP) knows what it takes to be a great leader. He led his own advertising agency and broadcast production firm for 25 years. Since selling it, he has built an internationally recognized speaking, consulting and…

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Clayton Hutson

Tiffany Delmore

When you attach your name to a product, end result, or experience, the quality of said product must be impeccable.   As a business owner within the realm of the music industry, Clay Hutson is a rare gem. He is considerate of the artists’ experience, always seeking aesthetic perfection and…

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Gene Caballero

Talk to strangers, family, friends, co-workers and see if they would PAY for your product or service….not just if they like it or think its a good idea.   Gene Caballero grew up living in South America and Middle Tennessee. He has a MBA in Finance and worked as a…

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Aman Sahi – Founder of Little Blondie Microphone

Tiffany Delmore

You can buy a million things these days, but you can’t buy good customer service. You have to relate to your customers and be grateful for them and genuinely enjoy them. Aman Sahi is an entrepreneur with a background in computer science. In NYC he transitioned to writing ad music…

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Bryan Clayton – CEO of GreenPal

Tiffany Delmore

Spend less time planning and more time executing. Bryan Clayton is CEO of GreenPal an online marketplace that connects homeowners with local lawn care service providers. He is a serial entrepreneur having founded Peach Tee Inc. a market-leading landscape construction firm in Nashville Tennessee growing it to over 125 employees…

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