Brooke Markevicius

Brooke Markevicius

Brooke started her career in Nonprofit management and then discovered a love of all things technology (she was fixing everyones computer issues and suggesting ways to upgrade their systems) and decided to get a Masters in Computer Information Systems from Boston University. She went on to work at Postmates in…

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Chad Price

Chad Price

Chad Price is an adventurous entrepreneur and born philanthropist. Driven by his innovative ideas and fresh take on the business world, he has shaken the foundations of many industries since starting his career. Back in 2014, along with his brother and friend, he started the now well-known MAKO Laboratories LLC….

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Daniel Klibanoff

Daniel Klibanoff

Raised with an entrepreneurial spirit and the charm and charisma naturally nurtured by many gentlemen parented in the south, Daniel Klibanoff of Asheville, North Carolina, President and CEO of Multimedia Lists, created one of the largest global networks for marketing and applied data intelligence across all business channels. Mr. Klibanoff…

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Ontario Wooden

Ontario Wooden

Ontario Wooden is the Associate Vice Chancellor at North Carolina Central University. He grew up in rural southwest Georgia and is passionate about helping low income and first-generation college students. Ontario did not actually plan a career in higher education but expected to be an elementary school teacher and perhaps…

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Nikita Shamdasani

Nikita Shamdasani

Niki Shamdasani is the co-founder and CEO of Sani, a hybrid collection that reimagines South Asian fashion for a new generation. Sani is revolutionizing access to South Asian craftsmanship, including through its partnership with Rent the Runway to launch the South Asian fashion vertical.  It has been recognized for its…

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Ted Lee

Ted Lee

Ted Lee is a mixed media artist working in the Charlotte area. Specializing in abstract work, his pieces are quite unique. He makes them with anything and everything—oil, acrylic, pastels, colored pencils, even odd materials like shoe polish, marble dust, lipstick, and whatever else he can commit to canvas or…

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Tasha Holland-Kornegay

Tasha Holland-Kornegay Health Entrepreneurs

Dr. Holland-Kornegay is passionate about helping others reach their maximum potential. She is an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. She created Wellness In Real Life to help decrease health care provider burnout.  Having wrestled with a formidable case of burnout herself, she knew about working in high-stress healthcare environments. Creating WIRL…

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Elizabeth Simpler

Elizabeth Simpler Health Entrepreneurs

Elizabeth (Liz) Simpler, a step-mom, aunt, career woman, and clinical psychology grad student and the co-founder of WMC. Liz was inspired to help other working women after taking on the role of co-parenting three toddlers. Liz has her Bachelor’s in anthropology and biology from Penn State University and her Master’s…

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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson Tech Entrepreneurs

Mark Thompson is a serial entrepreneur, SaaS enthusiast, and co-founder of PayKickstart – the shopping cart and affiliate management platform that’s reinventing how startups and businesses sell online. In the first 72 hours of its existence, PayKickstart generated over $1M in sales. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Mark is also…

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Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell Tech Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur at heart, Tim Campbell brings over 20 years of experience, strategic expertise and brand stewardship as Founder and CEO of GiftCast. Campbell understands traditional and digital channels and knows how to apply them effectively to create bold brand ideas that achieve and surpass goals. He has worked with…

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