Andrew Hanna

Andrew Hanna is a certified compounding pharmacist. Andrew is the founder of the pharmacy Cotton Mill Pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy that compounds prescriptions for clients. A specialty pharmacy is a pharmacy that makes medications from scratch. This helps patients receive the precise amount of medication that is needed for their…

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Salem Moussallam

Salem Moussallam is a fashion stylist from Toronto, Canada and is best known for his creativity, professionalism and extreme attention to detail. Salem, who has been a fixture in the fashion world for over a decade, has worked with some of the biggest editorial, fashion and celebrity brands and personalities….

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James Wu

James Wu is the CEO and Founder of InnerSpace. InnerSpace is on a mission to become the world’s leading indoor location platform. Delivering the most accurate WiFi-based indoor location data, the company gives clients unparalleled value with its easy-to-use API, out-of-the-box analytics, and workflow initiation solutions. The company’s Fortune 500…

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Mitch Vandergunst

Mitch Vandergunst is a real estate investor from Exeter, Ontario. Growing up, Mitch Vandergunst played hockey extensively. He played minor hockey, then moved on to AAA hockey, and ended up playing for his hometown junior league team at the age of 16. Every year from there he made a step…

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Ifrah Hassan

Ifrah Hassan is a Lifestyle Advisor with Opulence Global, a Canadian based company operating in over 200 countries and territories that specializes in optimum health, beauty, fashion and personal care items. . Ifrah is from Somalia, but she grew up in Ottawa, Canada. Her family left Somalia when she was…

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Marisa Sheff

While it is amazing for brands to give away products or donate a portion of their proceeds on behalf of their customer base, in founding Sock Footage, Marisa Sheff was hoping to take the same 1 to 1 model one step further. Having been involved in and volunteered at a…

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Bruce Harpham

Bruce Harpham is an author and business consultant based in Toronto, Canada. He helps software companies get more leads with content marketing. His first book, “Project Managers At Work” (2017), shared insights from the world’s best project managers at NASA, Google, IBM, and other organizations. His second book, on marketing…

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Eric Inspektor

Eric Inspektor is a Toronto-based executive with more than 30 years of experience in the financial lending industry. As the co-founder and senior underwriter at CORFinancial Corp., Eric is responsible for deal origination, due diligence, restructuring solutions and serving as a liaison between borrower and lender. Eric’s successes include the…

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Paul Burris

Paul is the co-founder and CEO of PataBid, a software company that focuses on artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. He started his career as a mechanical engineer, but ended up overseeing IT departments in most of the companies he worked at. Paul eventually pivoted his career and dove head…

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Eric Kim

Eric Kim is the Co-founder of Quantum Mob, a Toronto-based Digital innovation firm that specializes in providing feature-rich digital experiences through web and mobile. A leader in strategy, Eric is also a creative technologist at heart. He started building websites from the age of 14 and has never stopped since….

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Jaison Dolvane

WishSlate is an e-commerce start-up focused on changing the way we gift. Inspired from personal experiences, Jaison founded WishSlate to help reduce anxiety, stress and waste in gifting. WishSlate’s mission is to increase the joy of gifting by providing a web & mobile platform that makes gift-giving more convenient. Previously,…

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