Cody McGraw – Founder of SCOUT Military Discounts

Cody McGraw - Founder of SCOUT Military Discounts

I like stay organized. If someone saw how my email folders were organized they would probably be concerned. Cody McGraw is from Portland, Oregon. Raised in a family business, he got a lot of his entrepreneur skill sets by watching his parents operate their successful catering company. He graduated college from a private university near […]

Jason Halstead – Founder of Gist Brands

[quote style=”boxed”]In fact, in my job it’s hugely more important to ask the right questions rather than have all the right answers. I’m an innately curious person. I’ve always asked, “Why?” I think every entrepreneur should back up the bus and look at the real reasons and roots behind the current change, need, idea, or […]

Jake Weatherly – CEO of SheerID

[quote style=”boxed”]If you operate from a place of fear or resistance to change, you become blind to the most exciting opportunities and growth. Celebrating the adventure of uncertainty, while staying focused on vision and measurable goals, makes me more productive.[/quote] As the CEO of SheerID, Inc., Jake has advanced the company to its position as […]

Graham Talley – Co-founder and CEO of Float On

[quote style=”boxed”]I only know one way – by putting way more work into them than you ever thought you would at the beginning.[/quote] Graham Talley is Co-founder and CEO of Portland based business Float On, which is the largest float tank center in the United States. In addition to running over 1250 sessions in their […]

Torrin Rosegold – CEO of Music Masters

[quote style=”boxed”]I coach my team to be focused on creating value. Whatever you do, do it the best you can and money will follow. The value must come first.[/quote] Torrin is a musician, public speaker, entrepreneur, and writer located in the pacific northwest. Music education is his passion and spreading it as far as possible […]

Jim Williams – Founder of MustHaveMenus

[quote style=”boxed”]Delegating. Entrepreneurs often want to control the process and priorities, but I can be more efficient if I delegate to my amazing staff. The ownership of projects and priorities is essential.[/quote] Jim Williams, CEO at and is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for design. In addition to founding MustHaveMenus, Jim also co-founded […]

Joe Woodruff – Founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]If you seek the counsel of many,  patterns emerge too great to ignore.[/quote] Joe Woodruff is an inspirational speaker, author, coach and pastor. Founder of, he speaks to the three driving needs of every person: the need for faith, love and influence. Utilizing word and media, Joe challenges commonly held perceptions and calls […]

Jill Nelson – Founder and CEO of Ruby Receptionists

[quote style=”boxed”]It’s a combination of three things: Incent, inspire, and empower.[/quote] Founder and CEO Jill Nelson has grown Ruby Receptionists to a multimillion dollar business, which has experienced double-digit growth every year since its inception in 2003. With 135 passionate staff members, Ruby serves more than 2,600 small businesses throughout North America. Jill’s signature approach […]

Mike Shur – CEO and Founder at ShurkyJurky

[quote style=”boxed”]I’d start by finding a sugar momma. Seriously, being prepared financially is important because it increases the likelihood for success. [/quote] Mike Shur works hard and loves his work. An ex-investment banker, Mike found his passion in jerky. His current focus is on disrupting the NW food and beverage startup and jerky industries. Mike is […]

Zeke Camusio – Co-founder of Windcatcher

[quote style=”boxed”]”Don’t lose focus and go after the next shinny bubble you find along the way.”[/quote] Zeke Camusio, our head of business development, is a serial entrepreneur who started seven companies and sold three of them. Zeke is also a published author, an avid traveler (96 countries so far and counting), and semi-professional rugby player. […]