Kristine Angeltvedt

Kristine Angeltvedt

Kristine Angeltvedt is CEO and co-founder of, a startup on a global mission to disrupt traditional tech recruitment. Kristine founded in 2018 as a solution to a lot of the industry challenges she faced first hand when working as a tech recruiter. At only 26, she was persistent…

Meet Kristine Angeltvedt

Mikko Honkanen – Co-Founder of Vainu

Mikko Honkanen - Co-Founder of Vainu

We believe that the best way to try out if an idea is good enough to take off is to speak to 100 unaffiliated potential customers as soon as possible. Before launching Vainu, Mikko Honkanen was a multi-national director for global media monitoring company Meltwater. He gained experience across the…

Meet Mikko Honkanen – Co-Founder of Vainu