Fred Rocha – Co-founder of Memeoirs

[quote style=”boxed”]Focus. The variables that you have to get right are as many as the distractions out there.[/quote] Fred is a curious mind with a background in telecommunications engineering that has shifted towards product and design. He co-founded Memeoirs, and is currently focusing on getting more people to keep their memories in book form. Hit […]

Antonio Ferreira – Founder of CARNORAMA

[quote style=”boxed”] 1.Collect 2.Organize 3.Process 4.Review 5.Act [/quote] Born in Portugal, but partially raised in Surrey and London. Antonio Ferreira is a self-proclaimed automotive, trend and football enthusiast. He is a globally recognized automotive industry expert with almost two decades of experience, regularly sought out for his fresh perspective and brutally-honest style of automotive consulting. His recent focus […]

Vojtech Svarc – Founder of GameSwapped

  [quote style=”boxed”]When I was 18 I moved to UK. I was working at a factory and I was assembling TV antennas. Basically it required taking 3 pieces of this antenna and putting them together. It was very systematic and boring job but I was excited about getting my first paycheck and I worked hard. […]