Valentin Hinov

Valentin Hinov

Valentin is the founder of Thankbox – a really simple to use online group card and cash collection service. It’s a digital way for lots of lovely people to celebrate one lucky person’s occasion. It’s used for birthdays, weddings, farewells and a lot of other special moments. Valentin moved from…

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Craig Douglas

Craig Douglas

Do what you love, not what earns the most money – and keep learning!   Craig Douglas is the co-founder of the luxury holiday apartment provider, Reserve Apartments based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He is also the Chairman of the Board at the innovative technology company Tribalogic and holds a similar position…

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Alastair Majury

Alastair Majury

I recommend that everyone try and stay positive and fully embrace having a positive mental attitude when it comes to professional matters.   A dedicated and eager professional, Alastair Majury is one of Scotland’s premiere data scientists and business analysts. His extensive knowledge of the industry, innate problem solving skills…

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Thor Holt – Founder of Thor Holt Ltd.

Thor Holt - Founder of Thor Holt Ltd.

[quote style=”boxed”]I get up early and try stuff. Fail a lot… and keep on trying.[/quote] A child of 1960s Hippy dropouts who’d relocated to the remote Shetland Island of Papa Stour in 1973, Thor Holt thrives on bringing freedom of speech to a much maligned and oppressed section of western…

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Stefan Pretty – Founder of

Stefan Pretty - Founder of

Stefan was born and privately educated in Scotland. With a very strong interest in computers, he has made websites since he was only 12 years old. Along with computers and the Internet, his interests include running, skiing, physics, graphic design, photography, music and business. Stefan left school with A-levels in…

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Christian Arno – Founder of Translation Agency Lingo24

Christian Arno - Founder of Translation Agency Lingo24

While on university exchange in Italy, Oxford languages student Christian Arno came up with the idea for a translation agency that purely used the internet to market itself and operated 24/7 with staff based in every time zone. In 2001 the 22 year-old launched Lingo24 from his parent’s spare bedroom in…

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